5 Fiddle Leaf Fig Facts

Is it possible not to fall in love with the Fiddle Leaf Fig? It’s lush, bold, and oh-so-green. Owning one of these sought after indoor plants is a testimony to your excellent style sensibilities and keeping up with the times.

fiddle leaf figfiddle leaf fig

The fiddle leaf fig was named after the fiddle instrument, owing to its broad, fiddle-shaped leaves that it produces. Ficus Lyrata, was named an ‘it’ plant as long ago as 2012 and is still as popular as ever! Design bloggers, Instagrammers and indoor plant lovers alike are ‘all over’ this beautiful plant.

This stylish indoor plant can be found nestled between the glossy pages of home and design magazines, all over Pinterest, blogs and taking prime position in many lounge, bedroom or home office spaces all over the world.

It would seem that fiddle figs are evidence of a refined aesthetic and good taste, on the part of their owners. This potted plant has snuck its way into the spotlight and seems to be enjoying the (justifiable) limelight.

 fiddle leaf fig

The facts

Let’s explore 5 little known facts about Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees.

 fiddle leaf fig west africa

1. Origin of the Fiddle Leaf Fig

 Although this indoor plant can be found all over the world, the fiddle leaf hails from Western Africa. It is indigenous to In its natural habitat, the Ficus Lyrata can be found in tropical rainforests where it thrives in dense, warm, and wet surrounds. This might seem like a stark contrast to your cottage or apartment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t successfully nurture a bit of African jungle as a potted plant in your home. With the right conditions and care, your fiddle leaf fig will grow happily indoors.

2. The indoor Fiddle Fig vs the outdoor Fiddle Fig

As an indoor plant, the fiddle leaf does not bear any fiddles (sadly), fruit, or flowers. Unlike the common fig (Ficus Carica), the fruit that the bears, when grown outdoors, are not edible. The figs of these two trees do however look fairly similar in size and shape.

fiddle leaf fig size shape

Grown outdoors, the fiddle fig can grow up to 15m in height, whilst indoors it can reach heights of around 3m. The size, shape and height of the indoor fiddle leaf fig can be controlled by pot size and careful pruning.

fiddle leaf fig large tree outdoors

3. It kills other plants

Yes, it’s true – but only in the wild. The fiddle leaf will often start its life growing on the surface of another tree. As it grows, it will send down roots to the ground which surround and eventually strangle the host tree. Fortunately, not all trees have to start out this way. Having been reared in a nursery, the fiddle leaf that you will have in your home almost certainly didn’t kill another plant to establish itself.

large fiddle leaf fig interior

4. It ‘owns’ a decade

“Every era has its trendy houseplant. In the 1950s and ’60s, it was the African violet. In the ’70s, it was spider plants trailing out of macramé hangers. In the ’80s and early ’90s, it was the potted ficus. The aughts (‘00s) gave rise to mossy plants in terrariums and glass jars.” Steven Kurutz – The New York Times

It would seem as though the 10’s belong to the fiddle leaf fig. For a few years now, the fiddle leaf fig has been the ‘go to’ plant when it comes to interior design and décor. It is the indoor plant of the decade.

fiddle leaf fig interior medium


Open any reputable home décor or design magazine or punch ‘indoor plant’ into Pinterest and you will most likely spot a fiddle leaf, often potted in beautiful planters ranging from hand-woven baskets to minimal white boxes.

Designers and home owners alike love them because of their scale, sculptural quality and because they work with a wide range of interior styles; from bohemian chic to industrial and minimalism.

Minimalism interior fiddle leaf figchic interior fiddle leaf fig

5. It doesn’t like to move around much.

The fiddle leaf can make for a wonderful house plant, adding a bold statement or brightening up any dull corner in your home. Take note though that the fiddle leaf fig may be finicky and take some time to adapt when placed in a new environment. But, before sounding the alarm, make sure that the Ficus Lyrata has had time to adapt to its new home.

Try to keep the temperature and humidity consistent as
the fiddle leaf fig likes that best.

Ficus lyrata fiddle leaf fig
Below are a few tips to keep your fiddle fig happy and healthy:


  • Water – don’t overwater, keep evenly soil damp and allow to dry out slightly between watering
  • Mist – mist the leaves to encourage humidity
  • Dust – wipe down the massive leaves to remove surface dust
  • Light – bright, but indirect light

Bonus Fact!

6. Did you know you can get one delivered to your door?

This is also true.

While you spend hours scrolling through incredible pictures of indoor plants on Instagram and Pinterest, we are busy sourcing healthy, ready-to-ship fiddle leaf figs that can be delivered straight to your door. Get your fiddly friend here. 

 Plantify Fiddle leaf fig basket interior style


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