COVID-19: Our Response

Last Update: Saturday, 21 March 2020 at 09h30

Dear Plantify Community,

Plantify Response: COVID-19

We'd like to share with you Stage 1 of our Plan in responding to the Corona virus. 

Our aim is to protect the safety of our staff, clients, suppliers and our community, and doing our part in assisting the containment of the virus.

From today, we have implemented the following measures:

1. Minimizing Human Exposure

  • Pre-Store arrival:
    • Asking clients not to come in store if they have had possible direct or indirect exposure to possible infected people.
  • In Store, we are:
    • Encouraging Clients to pay with SnapScan.
    • Implementing social distancing in store, with our staff standing at a safe distance from our clients.
  • Online, we are:
    • Encouraging Clients to Shop online as much as possible
    • Adding a notice to our online purchased packaging, encouraging clients to let deliveries stand for 24 hours (after a hand sanitising) before opening the boxes, as this the lifespan of the virus on cardboard surfaces.

2. Increased internal Hygiene measures

We have implemented:

  • Mandatory hand sanitizing by all staff, every hour.
  • Mandatory wiping down of all high-engagement surfaces with restaurant grade alcohol based products, every 2 hours.
  • The Availability of hand sanitizers for our clients at entrance and throughout store.

3. Additionally, to reduce exposure by staff

We have implemented:

  • Staggered arrival times by staff using public transport, to reduce peak human traffic times.
  • Mandating staff to stay at home at any sign of feeling ill and seeking medical advice immediately.

We have secured a supply of quality 70% alcohol hand sanitizer this week, and have made this available to our community in store and online, at cost (no profit to us), as an additional measure to help support our joint fight to contain the virus.

We are following the World Health Organisation Guidelines closely, and will implement Stage 2 of our Plan, should this be necessary.

We will do our best to ensure that our quality, variety and service levels are maintained throughout the coming weeks. And thank you for your continued support - we are immensely grateful for it.

Stay safe! And in good health.

Best wishes,

Andreas Keller
Owner - Plantify


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