Exit Nursery. Enter Plantify.


At Plantify, we love plants and what they do for us. Our reason for being is to make Plant Ownership as easy, delightful and rewarding as possible.

For many people, selecting, buying and caring for plants is a major mission, for these reasons:

  • Getting a plant requires a drive to the nursery, usually on a Saturday morning, when you'd rather be sleeping in, or meeting friends for breakfast.
  • You've seen the plant that you'd like on Pinterest or in a magazine, but don't know if it'll be in stock when you get there - trip wasted?...
  • You know that Plants like a certain amount of light, water but the label on the plant says something like "bright light, water frequently".
  • There's a shitty selection of pots and planters, and you always feel that you've settled for second best. 
  • You leave the nursery feeling a tinge of stress because you're not sure whether there'll be someone to help you in case your plant runs into some trouble.

This nursery model is old school: It doesn't support modern lifestyles and doesn't give indoor plant owners the support that they need.

That's why we're here. That's why Plantify exists... to do things better:

  • We deliver to your home or office. Our custom packaging protects your precious plant while it makes its way to you. 
  • We update our store every week: you can immediately see what gorgeous plants are in season and in stock... no drive the nursery required.
  • The quality of our plants is better than those in any nursery: they don't spend weeks on end being splashed down in the afternoon with a hose.
  • We provide a comprehensive set of Care Instructions on our website for each plant, so that you can see whether the plant that you've chosen will work in your place before buying it.
  • We've sourced beautiful, unique pots to accompany your plants. Our extensive cover pot range allows you to simply 'slip in' the plant, no re-potting required.
  • Our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is completely recyclable. It also looks really good, so you can easily send someone a plant as a gift.

We created Plantify because we needed everything to do with plant ownership to be better. We hope you like what we've created.

Drop us a comment below. Your feedback is, and will always be, valued. 

  • January 31, 2017
  • Andreas Keller

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