How to tell Someone You Love Them with a Plant?

Valentines Day 2020 is a week away. With that, we’re turning our attention to the ways in which we can communicate not just love, but some subtler emotions, such as affection, appreciation and admiration. And how to do this in a creative and heart-felt way. Let's have a look...


Traditionally, Valentines Day Gifts have centered on Teddy Bears, Cut Flowers and Chocolates. We feel that these gifting ideas need an update! Stuffed toys are, ehm, stuffy… they collect dust on a shelf over time. And cut flowers or chocolates are consumed… a few days later the gifter (and their sentiments) are forgotten.

Try a Gifting House Plant instead:

  • They are deeply personal: you are gifting a living “thing”
  • They require care over time: you’ll be remembered when your loved one waters, prunes and feeds them
  • They are open to personal interpretation: you can communicate something unique and personal

Let’s explore this latter point a little further...

"...Traditionally, love has entered on the “red” - the colour of love. But what if you love is long lasting and ‘ever-green’. This sentiment could beautifully be communicated through a lush, full and evergreen foliage plant..."

What if the recipient is quirky, so utterly different, and makes you laugh? Why not “say” that with a plant expresses these ideas visually, through its anatomy. Consider for example, the Scooby Doo.

Perhaps you appreciate the grace and elegance of your Valentine. Or a sense of timelessness that can weather many storms. The Staghorn Fern might express this sentiment rather well. 

This exploration is a fun exercise, and can spark a talking point during the gifting process.

"...there is, of course, no right or wrong way to approach interpreting what you see in a plant"...

We would however suggest adding a personal greeting: It’s classy, warm and heartfelt. And could also help clarify for the recipient, why you chose to give that cactus. Who knows, you might love him even through his prickly times.


Happy Valentines 2020 Everyone! Spread the Love...

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