LAUNCH: Our Gardens (Cape Town) Nursery

We're Celebrating Garden Day 2018 with the launch of THE HAPPY SPACE Nursery.

Plantify's Offices, Greenhouse and Shop are all based in a "Wellbeing Collaboratory" called THE HAPPY SPACE - a space that is aimed at promoting human and animal wellbeing, using plants.

After months of preparations, we're (finally!) launching our beautiful gardens, nursery and shop. And we're doing this on GARDEN DAY (@gardendaysa).

Lots of other interesting things happen at the Happy Space too - there's a Cape Floral garden, a Cape medicinal herb nursery, an outdoor workshop space, and wellness products (from ethical honey to buchu herbs) for sale.

Join us for a day of Plant Celebrations. Enjoy coffee and snacks, forage in our greenhouse or listen to a talk. Everyone's invited! 


Check out our program below:

Plantify Retail Nursery Launch


And some more detail on The HAPPY SPACE:

The Happy Space - Plantify's Home

For more info, check out: 



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