COVID-19: Safe Online Shopping Guide

In this post, we explore how you can protect yourself from possible COVID-19 infection when receiving a parcel via courier.

In writing these guidelines, we have used publicly available information from the World Health Organisation and medRvix (links below). 

We make no definitive claims about your safety, and encourage you to read these, and other authoritative sources in making informed and safe decisions for yourself. 


How to Safely Receive a Courier Parcel:

1. Ask the Courier to place the parcel, signing slip and pen on a surface that is no less than 1 - 3 meter distance from you at any time. (Social Distancing)

2. Sign the slip with your own pen, and take the parcel to a safe space, without risking contact by others, for 24 hour storage. (Virus Lifetime on Cardboard)

3. Make sure not to touch any other surfaces, your eyes, mouth or nose after handling the parcel(Protection Measures)

4. Immediately, wash your hands in warm soapy water for 20 seconds, or sanitize with alcohol based hand sanitiser (60% alcohol +). (Protection Measures)

5. Open the parcel only after 24 hours.


Thank you for supporting small businesses like ours. We really appreciate your support. We wish you a safe continued online shopping journey with us. 

Our staff are committed to their and your safety throughout this crisis. Read more about Plantify's COVID-19 Plan here.

- Team Plantify


The sources used in this article are:

World Health Organisation: Advice for the public, on social distancing, hand sanitising, and other protective measures.

medRvix: Stability of the new Corona Virus, which found that the virus lives for up to 24 hours on cardboard surfaces.



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