Scientific NameDavallia Trichomanoides
Synonyms: Black Rabbit’s Foot Fern, Squirrel Foot Fern

  • Fresh green visual
  • Quirky weird rhizomes 
  • Strong and hardy
  • Great Hanging Plant variation
  • Plant Level: Easy

Our Black Rabbit's Foot Fern Houseplant comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot.

The Black Rabbit’s Foot Fern will catch your attention with their soft fuzzy rhizomes that represent the cute paws of a bunny wabbit. But claw you, they will not: These rhizomes are the ferns' way of spreading their growth across jungle floors and tree branches in their natural environment.

Unlike other ferns, which can be a bit of high drama at times, the relative fuss-free resilience of these easy houseplant is one of the reasons for its rise in popularity over the years. But don’t get us wrong, it’ll reward you if pampered, e.g. if you place it in a nice warm bathroom.

Davallia Trichomanoides makes a very attractive hanging basket plant, as the rhizomes creep over the edges and cascade, giving the plant an eye-catching quirkiness. Keep the rhizomes exposed as this is the plant's way of drawing nutrients and moisture out of the air. 

Black Rabbit's Foot Ferns like to stay moist during the growing season of spring through summer and as winter approaches prefer to dry out between waterings. If kept in a cold room it may lose its fronds and go into dormancy, so keep this elegant beauty in warm conditions. Pair this fern with a dark coloured ceramic planter or hanging ceramic planter and be awed by its graceful decorum.

Please note: The Davallia Trichomanoides has no reports of being toxic to Pets or Humans.


Follow these instructions to keep your Black Rabbit's Foot Fern healthy and happy.

Water: Keep evenly moist during spring to summer and allow the soil to reach dryness in cooler weather. 
Light: Medium to Bright Indirect Light.
Humidity: Medium to high humidity is recommended. Place in a warm moist location such as a bathroom or kitchen and spritz daily.
Fertilize: For optimal growth, fertilize every 2 - 3 weeks during the growing phase with an organic fertilizer formulated for ferns or a ¼ strength of a well balanced general-purpose organic fertilizer.

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