Bridal Veil

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Scientific Name: Gibasis pellucida
Synonyms: Bridal Veil, Dotted Bridal Veil, Tahitian Bridal Veil 

  • Lovely Hanging plant
  • Easy care
  • Fine white blooms
  • Adds that tropical lushness
  • Plant Level: Medium

 The Bridal Veil is as beautiful as the name suggests, creating a curtain of lush green foliage with a haze of purple from its leaves underside and is speckled with tiny white blooms, like delicate pearls embroidered onto an elegant Brides Veil.

They are generally found in shaded jungle areas of Mexico as a groundcover. This owes to their ability pf being ideal hanging basket plants and will grow relatively dense and long quickly. Perfect as a screen or to recreate that lush jungle feeling.

Provide the Bridal Veil with bright indirect light to get it looking its best, however, it will happily handle lower lighting conditions, although it may not grow as fast. It'll love you for providing it with warmth and humidity otherwise will be quite contented in average room conditions.

Keep your potting medium evenly moist for this lovely houseplant and water once the soil has become dry to the touch. It will tolerate a complete drying out but prolonged dryness can lead to leaf drop. However,  these are not fussy plants and will happily bounce back after a period of neglect with the correct care.

If you are looking for a magnificent shelf display, divide up your Bridal Veil into smaller pots and pair with a delicate planter. Then stagnate on a large shelf to create a magnificent cascading arrangement. 

No matter what you decide, you cannot go wrong with this beautifully lush and exotic plant.

 Please note: Gibasis pellucida can cause mild gastrointestinal discomfort in both pets and humans.

Follow these instructions to keep your Bridal Veil happy and healthy.

Water: Keep your plant evenly moist and apply water once the soil has become dry to the touch.
Light: Prefers medium to bright filtered light to thrive.
Humidity; Average to high room humidity is ideal.
Fertilize: Feed once every two weeks with a well balanced organic liquid feed.

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