Donkey Tail - Burro

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Scientific Name: Sedum morganianum 'burro'
Synonyms: Donkey Tail or Jelly Bean Plant

  • Waterwise
  • Loves lots of light and full sun
  • Comes in a 20cm plastic hanging basket
  • Available potted in a 21cm Azalea Terracotta Pot
  • Plant level: Easy

Our Donkey Tails - Burro comes in a 20cm hanging basket.

Subtle blue-green colouring and fat quirky leaves make the Donkey Tail houseplant a delightful addition to your collection. As it is a drought-tolerant plant, this succulent is care-easy and easy-going. The Donkey Tail enjoys very bright light to some full sun, however, avoid midday harsh light.

These beauties look especially lovely when hung in a traffic-free area as they are rather delicate, and are allowed to grow long and full, or place on a shelf that gets decent light especially from above or you may experience some balding.

The Donkey Tail is available potted in an Italian Azalea Terracotta pot with matching drip tray for a sleek classical look. 

Please note: Sedum are not generally known to be toxic to pets and humans, but prefer not to be eaten, even if they do look like minty jelly beans.

Follow these instructions to keep your Donkey Tail healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly approximately every 2 weeks, let the soil dry out slightly in between
Light: Plenty of bright indirect light to some full sun, but avoid midday direct light that can lead to yellowing.
Humidity: Dry air is best, do not mist
Fertilize: Feed your plant every 2 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the Spring & Summer growing season

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