Scientific Name: Dionaea muscipula

  • Potted in glazed 12cm pot with matching saucer
  • Eye-catching plant with interesting features
  • Needs lots of bright light/sun 
  • Preferably water with distilled or rain water
  • Plant level: Advanced 

Looking for something different? Why not try a carnivorous plant? While this plant needs a little more care and attention than the average house plant, your insect devouring specimen will keep your curiosity piqued. It's unique 'toothed' jaws, that are lined in pale pink to deep red, really make it stand out.

N.B. The Venus Fly Trap needs a lot of bright light, and at least a few hours of bright sun each day and should be kept in a moist environment with the soil always moist.

We've paired this quirky plant with a 12cm Turquoise ceramic planter with matching saucer. 

Follow these instructions to keep your Venus Fly Trap healthy and happy.

Water: Water often with distilled or rain water. Don't let the soil become dry 
Light: Very bright light, with a few hours sun every day
Humidity: Likes to be humid, but don't mist
Fertilize: No to fertilize this guy! He feeds himself.

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.


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