Some of our favourite plants and pots, that we're making just that little bit more accessible to own, with our fab Plantify Specials & Deals!

Fiddle Leaf Fig (LARGE)

R 800.00 R 580.00

Description Scientific Name: Ficus lyrata Our Fiddle Leaf Figs come in a 24cm pot and currently stand at around 90cm - 100cm in height. It is featured in a 25cm - 30cm Fundo Basket, which can be ordered separately.  Popularized by décor magazines and Instagram feeds alike, the exquisite Fiddle Leaf Fig makes a strong style statement in any home or office. Our...


Macramé - Wall Hanging - Single

R 425.00 R 295.00

Description Let your plant hang out in style with this locally hand-crafted Macrame Wall Hanger. The Single Hanging Macrame features a modern v-shape design and elegant brass ring. We have paired it with a 13cm Terracotta Pot for a classic look. Choose the Hanger with pot and plant for an instant pop of green or perfect gift. We will send you the stunning Rhipsalis...


Hoya Bella

R 425.00 R 350.00

Description Scientific Name: Hoya lanceolata bella Unique shaped foliage Abundant, sweet smelling flower clusters Trailing plant Waterwise Plant Level: Easy Your Hoya Bella comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot.   Hoya Bella is an easy, low-maintenance plant that rewards its owner with a beautiful display of white-pink waxy flower, that tend to hang downwards. This, in combination with its beautiful foliage-filled branches, make Hoya Bella an ideal...


Macramé - Wall Hanging - Triple

R 595.00 R 395.00

Description Let your plants hang out in style with this locally hand-crafted Macrame Wall Hanger. The Triple Hanging Macrame features a modern v-shape design, a polished brass pole and pockets for 3 pots. We have paired ours with 13cm Terracotta Pots for a classic look. We've paired it with a trio of cheerful Rhipsalis Plants for an easy gift or instant...