Some of our favourite plants and pots, that we're making just that little bit more accessible to own, with our fab Plantify Specials & Deals!

Indoor Gardening Set

R 1,250.00 R 1,000.00

Description Enjoy the feeling of having all the tools you need to take best care of your indoor plants. With the 4 most common tools at your disposal, you'll be sure to have the gear needed to tackle all of your plants' needs. Includes: Mister, Pruning Shears, Spade, Hand Rake  Well-built, sturdy design Classic wooden handles and mild    Shipping We...


Calathea Medallion

R 345.00 R 225.00

Description Scientific Name: Calathea 'medallion' Our Calathea Medallion come in a 14cm Nursery Pot.  High fascination value Great for bathroom with high humidity Plant Level: Easy On its own, Calathea Medallion creates an enchanting fascination piece, with different shades of green, gaily painted across its leaf surface. Whilst in a plant ensemble, Medallion lends the impression of a discerned, curated collection. However you choose to display...


Swiss Cheese Plant

Out of stock

Description Scientific Name: Monstera adansonii 12cm Nursery Pot Vine-ing, trailing leaves  Loves bright, indirect light and high humidity  Plant level: Easy to Medium Your Swiss Cheese Plant comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot.  Relative of the ever popular Delicious Monster, this miniature version is even cheesier - with outsized holes in smaller, more delicate leaves. It's an absolute delight. A natural creeper, the Swiss...


Hoya Wayetii

R 550.00 R 475.00

Description Scientific Name: Hoya wayetii Trailing, cascading succulent Spectacular clusters of red-maroon flowers Plant level: Easy to Medium Your Hoya Wayetii houseplant come in a 12cm Nursery Pot.  Nobody that's ever had the privilege of caring for a Hoya is neutral about this genus of plants - they simply are fantastic. Not only are they known for their exquisite and widely varying...


Macramé - Wall Hanging - Single

R 425.00 R 295.00

Description Let your plant hang out in style with this locally hand-crafted Macrame Wall Hanger. The Single Hanging Macrame features a modern v-shape design and elegant brass ring. We have paired it with a 13cm Terracotta Pot for a classic look. Choose the Hanger with pot and plant for an instant pop of green or perfect gift. We will send you the stunning Rhipsalis...


Hoya Carnosa

R 280.00 R 195.00

Description Scientific Name: Hoya carnosa 16cm hanging nursery basket Available potted in 19cm Italian Terracotta Pot Exquisite cluster of waxy flowers Trailing plant Waterwise Plant Level: Easy Also known as the Wax Plant or Porcelain Flower, the Hoya Carnosa is a climbing, trailing plant with thick, almond-shaped leaves. They are really easy to take care of making them a great plant for beginners,...



R 120.00 R 95.00

Description Scientific Name: Codiaeum variegatum 'petra'  Our Crotons come in a 14cm Nursery Pot.  Super easy-care and fuss-free. Bright and bold. These intensely coloured plants will add a bright pop of colour to your life. They feature an interesting ombre effect with darker leaves at the bottom topped with sunny yellow-orange leaves. Keep these bright plants in plenty of light, including full sun,...


Fiddle Leaf Fig (LARGE)

R 800.00 R 650.00

Description Scientific Name: Ficus lyrata Highly desirable & Trending Nice large feature plant Looks great in a Palm Leaf basket Our Fiddle Leaf Figs come in a 24cm pot and currently stand at around 90cm - 100cm in height. It is featured in a 25cm - 30cm Fundo Basket, which can be ordered separately.  Popularized by décor magazines and Instagram feeds alike, the...