Some of our favourite plants and pots, that we're making just that little bit more accessible to own, with our fab Plantify Specials & Deals!

Chinese Money Plant

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Description Scientific Name: Pilea peperomioides 12m Nursery Pot Likes bright, indirect light Easy to propagate - you'll get lots of new plants quickly  Trendy on Pinterest and Instagram Plant Level: Easy Also known as the Pancake Plant, these peculiar looking green plants have caught the imagination of indoor plant lovers the world around. No plant collection is complete without one....


Rattlesnake Mossball (Limited Edition)

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Description >> LIMITED EDITION << >> LIMITED EDITION <<  Scientific Name: Calathea lancifolia 'insignis'  Striking patterned foliage High fascination value Plant Level: Easy Like most Calathea, the Rattlesnake is an ideal beginner plant, given its exceptionally care easy characteristics. Another plant with high fascination value, Rattlesnake Calathea has deep green mottled leaves and exposes their dark purple underside, when it flips them up towards...


Rattlesnake Plant

R 175.00 R 135.00

Description Scientific Name: Calathea lancifolia 'insignis'  Unique patterned, evergreen foliage Agile Mover - flips its leaves up at night Plant Level: Easy Our Rattlesnake Calathea come in a 14cm Nursery Pot.  The Rattlesnake Plant has yellow-green, elongated foliage with dark green blotches on then, supposedly similar to the markings on some rattlesnakes. A beautiful purple hue adorns its underleaf, which is revealed when the plant...


Golden Pothos Mossball

R 340.00 R 320.00

Description Scientific Name: Scindapsus Aureus PLANT BACKGROUND Trailing plant with leaf variegation Can take a range of light levels, from low to bright, indirect light Easy-care, fuss free plant Plant level: Extremely easy The Golden Pothos (also called Devil's Ivy) will be happy to creep, trail or climb on any available surface, as it does in its natural habitat. And...


Macramé - Wall Hanging - Single

R 425.00 R 295.00

Description Let your plant hang out in style with this locally hand-crafted Macrame Wall Hanger. The Single Hanging Macrame features a modern v-shape design and elegant brass ring. We have paired it with a 13cm Terracotta Pot for a classic look. Choose the Hanger with pot and plant for an instant pop of green or perfect gift. We will send you the stunning Rhipsalis...


Golden Pothos

R 140.00 R 120.00

Description Scientific Name: Scindapsus Aureus 15cm nursery pot Trailing plant with leaf variegation Can take a range of light levels, from low to bright, indirect light Easy-care, fuss free plant Plant level: Easy Our Golden Pothos comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot.  Hailing from the Island of Mo'orea in the Society Islands, this tropical gem has made itself at home in offices and many...


Ficus Audrey

R 175.00 R 115.00

Description Scientific Name: Ficus benghalensis 15cm and 19cm nursery pot Likes bright, indirect light Easy-care and unusual  Plant level: Easy Our Ficus Audrey comes in a 15cm and 19cm Nursery Pot.  Ficus Audrey is a stunning tree featuring light grey trunk and matte, olive green leaves accentuated by pale green veins. A classic house plant that "holds space well". And in time, with increased pot...


Fiddle Leaf Fig (LARGE)

R 800.00 R 580.00

Description Scientific Name: Ficus lyrata Highly desirable & Trending Nice large feature plant Looks great in a Palm Leaf basket Our Fiddle Leaf Figs come in a 24cm pot and currently stand at around 90cm - 100cm in height. It is featured in a 25cm - 30cm Fundo Basket, which can be ordered separately.  Popularized by décor magazines and Instagram feeds alike, the...


Hoya Linearis

R 495.00 R 465.00

Description Scientific Name: Hoya linearis 12cm hanging nursery pot Available paired with a 17cm Azalea Terracotta Pot and Macrame Hanger Beautiful, trailing plant Likes very bright indirect light Plant level: easy Ok, do yourself a favour and google "Flowering Hoya Linearis". No need to say more, but couple of keywords should suffice: flowering curtain, immaculate composition, next level. Couple of...


Network Calathea

R 395.00 R 350.00

Description Scientific Name: Calathea musaica  Our Network Calathea come in a 14cm Nursery Pot.  If we were a plant, we'd like to be born into the Calathea Family. Truly, a Calathea Family gathering would be nothing short of a riot of colour, shapes and patterns: A glorious celebration of what Plants have on offer. Real Show-ers.  And the Network Calathea is no...