Scientific Name: Platycerium bifurcatum 

  • High curiosity value - interesting foliage
  • Keep in a pot, mounted on bark
  • Plant it outdoors inside a tree
  • Can easily live for decades
  • Plant Level: Easy

Our Staghorn Fern comes in a 13cm or 20cm Nursery Pot. 

This is something special: Staghorn Ferns can live for 30 years or more if looked after well. A true companion plant, a constant presence, as you navigate through life's joys.

These serene and stately plants are native to the Java, New Guinea, and south-eastern Australia. Growing on trees in humid rainforest, Staghorns derive their nutrients from the rainwater and air that surrounds it.

An ideal house plant, Staghorns make for exceptional displays. Keep your Stag in a pot, or have it mounted on a wooden disc. Sit back and watch Your Joy grow and grow.


Follow these instructions to keep your Staghorn Fern healthy and happy.

Water: Once a week
Light: Medium to Bright Indirect Light, your Stag will grow towards the light
Humidity: Medium to High Humidity is important, mist regularly
Fertilize: Every 2 weeks, once a month in Winter. Staghorns like to eat Bananas! Google it, or send us an email for more details.

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.


Your Staghorn Fern comes in a 13 or 20cm Nursery Pot. Due to its full foliage, it will work well in any of the Pots that we stock in our store.

Check our Sizing Guide for a matching Pot, which you'll find in our Pot and Planter Collection

Want it Mounted? No problem, send us an email and we'll gladly help you out!


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