Bring a sunny corner or entrance hall to life with a Floor Standing Indoor Plant.
Medium sized plants and planters that hold a little more presence.

Rubber Tree - Burgundy

R 295.00

Description Scientific Name: Ficus elastica "burgundy"  24cm pot size Full, bushy foliage with 2-4 stems Also available with a proud single stem Unique burgundy colour on shiny leathery foliage Fast Growing variety Plant Level: Easy Our Rubber Tree comes in a 24cm Nursery Pot.  Few plants have such perfect colouring that one has to stop and simply marvel at the perfection of...

Philodendron - Narrow

R 325.00

Scientific name: Philodendron Narrow Synonyms: Philodendron Jungle Boogie, Philodendron Narrow Tiger Tooth, Philodendron Narrow Green Attractive large leaves Fuss-free Wild tropical vibes Plant Level: beginner There is something wildly tropical about the Philodendron Narrow making this houseplant incredibly appealing to all plant lovers the world over. It may also be that this is one of the ultimate fuss-free houseplants proving...

Ficus Elastica Tineke

R 295.00

Description  Scientific Name: Ficus Elastica TinekeSynonyms: Rubber Plant Tineke Features striking variegated leaves Likes lots of bright indirect light best  Magnificent floor level plant Plant level: medium Our Rubber Tree comes in a 23cm Nursery Pot. Mother Nature's playful ways come to the fore in the beautiful Green and Cream mottling of the Tineke variety of the Rubber Tree. Its unique patterning is accentuated by...

Ficus Starlight

R 140.00

Description  Scientific Name: Ficus Benjamina 'Starlight'Synonyms: Starlight Weeping Fig Scientific Name: Ficus benjaminaCommon Names: Weeping Fig, Benjamin Fig Magnificent dainty foliage Can grow into large trees if repotted Air purifying Plant level: Medium If you are looking for a true statement plant and are a lover of variegated leaves, then the Ficus Starlight is a true eye-catcher with its dainty almost wistful cream...

Ponytail Palm

R 160.00

Description  Scientific Name: Beaucarnea recurvataSynonyms: Ponytail Palm, Elephant's Foot  Intriguing appearance Waterwise Easy Care Plant Level: Beginner Comes in a 5L Nursery Bag unpotted (but fits in a 20cm Nursery Pot) Often mistaken for a palm (hence it’s common name), this odd looking plant is actually a semi-succulent making it the ideal plant for a bright hot space where other Palms would...

Trio plant stands

R 390.00

Description Perfectly designed to fit with our Mossball or Emerson Pot range Available in two finishes and three sizes Hand-made in South Africa Dimensions:Small: 17.5cm (Ø) x 25cm (H) x 33cm (Base width) Medium: 17.5cm (Ø) x 50cm (H) x 39cm (Base width) Large: 17.5cm (Ø) x 75cm (H) x 40cm (Base width)  

Weeping Fig

R 140.00

Description Scientific Name: Ficus benjaminaCommon Names: Weeping Fig, Benjamin Fig Enjoy dainty green foliage Can grow into large trees if repotted Air purifying Plant level: Medium If you are looking for a graceful green foliage plant that you can enjoy over the years to come, then consider the Weeping Fig with its delicate foliage and beautiful grey silver delicate branches The Weeping...

Hairpin Plant Stand

R 615.00

Description 60cm high  Inner top diameter is 19cm Comes with a 19cm terracotta Hand-crafted steel with matte black or white finish Hairpin Plant Stands are made of steel with a matte black or white finish, rendering a sleek and modern look. They look great while clustered with other plants in a focal point of your home, or placed besides your...

Basket - Chipilani and Drip Tray

R 490.00

Description Add a touch of African flair with the Chipilani basket. Skillfully handwoven using naturally Palm leaf material, the sturdiness of the basket is offset by its frilly edging. Chipilani will dress up mid to larger sized plants beautifully. Top Tip: The sizing below refers to the inner diameter and will accomodate a house plant with a pot, e.g. 30cm basket will fit...

Dragon Tree - Angazi

R 740.00

Description Scientific Name: Dracaena Angazi 25cm nursery pot Excellent Air purifier: removes harmful chemicals Medium to bright indirect light Extremely low maintenance Drought tolerant plant Plant Level: Easy Our Angazi Dragon Tree comes in a 25cm nursery pot. Dragon trees are fantastic things - shapely, low maintenance and known air purifiers. They're great plants for offices and homes alike and "hold a space" beautifully...

Split Leaf Philodendron

R 235.00

Description Scientific Name: Philodendron Selloum Large, lush jungle-like leaves Bright, indirect light Ultra Fuss free Plant level: Easy Our Split Leaf Philodendron comes in a 19cm or 25cm Nursery Pot.  If you don't have one, get one. Trust us! So, Selloum's make great "filler plants" - unobtrusive backdrops of green - that support other house plants that typically want a bit more...

Delicious Monster 19cm

R 265.00

Description Scientific Name: Monstera deliciosa  Our Delicious Monsters come in a 19cm Nursery Pot. Delicious Monsters have been a classic house plant for years! They simply doesn't seem to go out of fashion. Perhaps because of their lush green foliage which adds an urban jungle feeling to any living space.  Delicious Monsters derive their name from the fact that they produce edible delicious seeds...