Gro-Urban Seed Squares make Urban Gardening User-Friendly and Fun!

Seed Type: Gourmet Lettuce

Even though it may not look like it, this easy-going (and growing) fella is an annual plant of the daisy family.

Grown for its fresh leaf vegetable, it can make any salad, wrap, sandwich or burger that much tastier and crispier!

If there was a competition for best dressed, this leafy, multi-coloured and layered plant would take first prize. The lettuce is a delight to grow, loves water and fertile soil, and it looks pretty too!

The Benefits of Gro-Urban Seed Squares are:

  • Extremely water wise: The squares retain water and slow the drainage process
  • Help enrich & aerate the soil
  • Seeds don't wash away
  • Perfect Spacing
  • Companion Plants are combined in squares
  • Packaging made from recycled materials: including coffee grinds & vegetable inks.

Sleeve Dimensions: 31 (h) x 32.5cm (w)

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