Gro-Urban Seed Squares make Urban Gardening User-Friendly and Fun!

Seed Type: Rainbow Chard

Even though this one looks a lot like its close cousin, spinach, with its green and wrinkly leaves growing upright, itʼs actually related to beetroots.

There are as many ways to use this plant as there are different colours of its stalk. These include; pink, purple, gold, orange, red and white and other variations.

The versatility of the rainbow chard adds to the nutritional benefits it has to offer. Chard is a plant that keeps on giving, all you need to do is get them in the soil and soon youʼll have a rainbow assortment in your garden!

The Benefits of Gro-Urban Seed Squares are:

  • Extremely water wise: The squares retain water and slow the drainage process
  • Help enrich & aerate the soil
  • Seeds don't wash away
  • Perfect Spacing
  • Companion Plants are combined in squares
  • Packaging made from recycled materials: including coffee grinds & vegetable inks.

Sleeve Dimensions: 31 (h) x 32.5cm (w)

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