Scientific name: Platycerium bifurcatum
Synonyms: Staghorn Fern, Rainforest fern, Antelope ears, Vegan antlers!

  • Eye-catching statement piece
  • Humidity lover: great for bathrooms
  • Can live for decades: heirloom for the next generation :)
  • Versatile planting options: pot, hang or wall-mount
  • Comes in various pot sizes
  • Plant Level: Easy

If you are looking for an unusual statement plant to add to your collection, this Staghorn Fern could be for you! 

You can probably guess that the plants’ nickname comes from their antler shaped fronds. As a rainforest fern, Platycerium bifurcatum can be found happily growing from trees in its tropical native habitat in locations such as Australia and South America. It’s an epiphyte, which means it absorbs the moisture and nutrients it needs from the environment through these textured fronds.

This houseplant is easy going and slow growing, which makes for effortless ownership. Watering is only required when the potting mix has almost completely dried out, and the most effective method is to dunk the pot in a bucket of water for a few minutes to properly soak it. It requires bright, filtered light and good amounts of humidity to properly thrive. Its ideal location could be hanging or wall mounted in a warm bright bathroom.

A staghorn fern is an extremely versatile plant that can be displayed a number of ways depending on your style; potted on a table top, hanging in a planter, suspended in a  kokedama (mossball) or wall-mounted onto a wooden plaque. Its sculptural form carries quite the impact so will be sure to catch people's attention! 

Note: Please be aware that whilst the plant is non-toxic and pet friendly, it’s best to keep out of reach of children and pets (hanging it would be a great way of doing this!)


Follow these instructions to keep your Staghorn Fern healthy and happy.

Water: Once the soil medium has completely dried out. The Stag will indicate underwatering through slight drooping of its foliage.
Light: Medium to Bright Indirect Light, your Stag will grow towards the light
Humidity: Medium to High Humidity is important, mist regularly
Fertilize: Every 2 weeks, once a month in Winter. Staghorns like to eat Bananas! Google it, or send us an email for more details.


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