Our selection of Plants that are happy in Low Light conditions. Areas such as bathrooms, room corners, top of shelves and areas with few windows.
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Chinese Evergreen - Maria

R 165.00

Description Scientific Name: Aglaonema - 'Maria' 15cm nursery pot Likes warmth  Low/Medium light to bright indirect light Plant level: easy Our Chinese Evergreen comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot.  The Chinese Evergreen Maria is a hardy hybrid plant that is very attractive to look at, with it's long patterned leaves, and easy to take care of. It's generally fuss-free, needing moderate watering and...

ZZ Plant

R 190.00

Description Scientific Name: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Hardy Plant, thrives on neglect Striking glossy foliage Will grow into a nice full plant in same pot Plant Level: Very Easy Our ZZ Plant comes in a 15cm, 18cm or 19cm Nursery Pot. Few indoor plants are as care-friendly as the ZZ Plant, which practically thrives on neglect (seriously, try this out!). Its verdant green...

Mother in Law's Tongue (LARGE)

R 250.00

Description Scientific Name: Sansevieria (many varieties) Large plant (20cm pot) Very easy-care and fuss-free Can handle most to all light conditions The plant is around 45-50cm tall Terracotta Pot option available Our Large Mother in Law's Tongue come in a 20cm Nursery Pot and are around 45-50cm tall. With their striking sculptural quality and patterned leaves, this plant instantly adds another level of wow to...

Parlor Palm - Medium

R 325.00

Description Scientific Name: Areca Palm, also known as Bamboo Palm or Parlor Palm Enjoy cleaner air with this known air purifier Great statement plant for home or office  Height around 60cm Best in bright, indirect light Care level: Easy - Medium Our large Parlor Palms come in a 19cm plastic nursery pot. Featuring a delicately, full foliage, the Parlor Palm is...

Parlor Palm - 15cm

R 135.00

Description Scientific Name: Chamaedorea elegans, also known as Bamboo Palm or Areca Palm Enjoy cleaner air with this known Air Purifier Likes bright indirect light Instant Jungle Look Great for Homes or Offices Plant level: Easy - Medium Our Parlor Palm comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot.  We've paired our this attractive palm with our sleek, matte black Emerson pot cover for a really elevated look....

Peace Lily - Sensation

R 295.00

Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum SensationCommon Names: Peace Lily, Peace Lily Sensation Tolerates low light  Air-purifying qualities Creates Lush, Green Look Plant Level: Easy Comes in 16.5cm or 19cm Nursery Pot Peace Lily's are popular indoor plants due to their care easy nature, sculptural look and gorgeous white flowers. The foliage of the Sensation variety is especially striking due to its large glossy...

Peace Lily - Sebastian

R 295.00

Description Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum Sebastian Comes in a 19cm or 25cm Nursery Pot Medium to Bright indirect Light.  Tolerates low light Air-purifying qualities Creates Lush, Green Look Plant Level: Easy Peace Lily's are popular indoor plants due to their care easy nature, sculptural look and gorgeous white flowers. The foliage of the Sebastian variety is especially striking due to its large...

Heart Leaf Philodendron

R 85.00

Description Scientific Name: Philodendron hederaceum or scandens Trailing/climbing plant with stems that can reach over 1.2m Easy care, likes moderate to bright light 12cm and 15cm nursery pot Plant level: Extremely easy Our Heart-leaf Philodendrons come in a 12cm or 15cm nursery pot A classic trailing plant, the Heart Leaf Philodendron us a firm favourite among indoor plant lovers. Paired with a...

Philodendron - Micans

R 425.00

Scientific name: Philodendron hederaceum var. hederaceum Synonyms: Velvet leaf Philodendron, Micans, Philodendron Micans Attractive foliage Easy Care, like moderate to bright light Fantastic hanging Plant Extremely fast growing Plant care level: Beginner Comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot. This unassuming beauty is an ideal easy care addition to any plant lovers collection. Possessing a truly graceful beauty with its cascading heart...

Speckled Cast Iron Plant

R 175.00

Scientific name: Aspidistra sichuanensis Synonym: Speckled Cast Iron Plant, Spotted Cast Iron Plant, Aspidistra 'Milky way' Magnificent be-speckled paddle-like foliage Known to be virtually indestructible Can tolerate lower lighting conditions Well known air purifier Easy Care Cast Iron plants have been popular throughout the ages, for its easy care and indestructible nature. The gorgeous deep green foliage plants are beautifully speckled...


Natal Ivy

R 125.00 R 112.50

Description Scientific Name: Senecio Macroglossus 20cm hanging nursery pot or 14cm nursery pot Fuss free, fast growing, trailing plant Produces yellow daisies! Bright to medium indirect light Plant Level: Easy care Natal Ivy is an epic house plant, which we highly recommend it for its versatility, ease of care and beauty. But Ivy it is not! Senecio Macroglossus produces beautiful yellow flowers...

Natal Ivy Mossball

R 355.00

Description Scientific Name: Senecio macroglossus / tamoides Waterwise Trailing plant with long twining stems  Moderate to bright light Sun-tolerant Plant level: Easy PLANT BACKGROUNDA local South African beauty this Ivy-like plant actually belongs to the daisy family and will produce sweet yellow flowers over the course of the year. Its succulent-like leaves ensures its waterwise qualities, and its stems can grow to 3m in length!...


Spider Plant

R 190.00 R 85.00

Striking foliage Beginner friendly Air Purifying Hanging plant Plant Level: Super Easy care The Spider Plant is a quirky houseplant with beautifully accented green and white foliage that resembles an elegant ribbon flowing in the wind as well as being easy to maintain. This is definitely one of the houseplants to launch you into a plantified adventure if you haven't...


Dainty Crassula

R 65.00 R 40.00

Description Scientific Name: Crassula spathulata Trailing evergreen leaves Does well in medium to very bright light Waterwise & Indigenous Plant level: Easy Your Dainty Crassula comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot.  An indigenous ground cover that is steadily becoming a house plant favorite, due to its incredible "ticks all the boxes" attributes. Spathulata refer's to Dainty's round-shaped, "spatula"-like leaves, growing in plenitude along its multiple...

Dainty Crassula Mossball

R 245.00

Description Scientific Name: Crassula spathulata PLANT BACKGROUNDThis evergreen South African succulent creates a sculptural cascading volume of green. Growing on the coastal regions of the Western & Eastern Cape of South Africa, the Dainty Crassula is delicate yet hardy and will be happy in almost any light conditions - full sun to shade. The Dainty Crassula will especially delight when it...