Scientific Name: Peperomia Zorro
Synonyms: Radiator Plant, Peperomia Zorro

  • Simple but elegant foliage
  • Love humidity
  • Easy care
  • Fuss Free

The Peperomia Zorro is very unlike its counterparts of the same name. These subtle beauties have the most fascinating ridged deep green ribbed leaves that are beautifully scarlet underneath as if to be the "Jimmy Choo" of the plant world.

    Peperomias are a vast and diverse family of soft succulent tropical plants that thrive in hot humid conditions. The Zorro is of no exception. Being relatively easy care these beauties make a wonderful accent piece to any interior and for many become a variety that is highly collectible.

    Place your Zorro in bright indirect position and allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings without letting it stay too dry for too long, they will definitely hint at thirst by drooping slightly and when watered, perk right back up.

    Pair the Zorro with a planter that will highlight the lovely plant's foliage and allow it to share its beauty with all that lay eyes upon it. Peperomia does not grow tall so will not obstruct your view when placed on a coffee table or keep it in a bright warm bathroom for a hint of colour.

    Please note: Peperomia is non-toxic to both pets and children.


      Follow these instructions to keep your Peperomia Zorro happy and healthy

      Water: Give your peperomia a good drink once the potting medium has become completely dry or your plant beings to wilt, be careful of overwatering.
      Light: Place in bright indirect light as direct light can lead to scorching.
      Humidity: Peperomia like medium to high humidity, however, will tolerate average room humidity.
      Fertilizer: Feed once a month during active growth with a well-balanced plant feed.

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