Scientific Name: Philodendron ‘Birkin’
Synonyms: Philodendron Birkin

  • Elegantly patterned foliage
  • Collector's item
  • Air purifying
  • Plant Level: Intermediate

Comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot.

Now here is a rare Philodendron that is no doubt on every collector's must-have list and there is no doubt as to why. This fascinating variety looks like it has been hand-painted by mother nature herself with delicate brushstrokes of creamy whites and deep greens.

To some extent, this is an easy-care houseplant but it does need somewhat more attention than many of the run of the mill Philodendron, making it a bit more advanced for the novice plant collector.

As a tropical Jungle floor dweller, the Birkin adores bright indirect light and warm humid conditions. Watering is of utmost importance with this variety of houseplant to keep it thriving, keep the soil moist but avoid it being too damp, it is advisable to allow the soil to become dry and then to water, but prolonged dryness can be detrimental.

Being a slower growing variety of Philodendron makes them ideal for small brightly lit spaces or as a striking tabletop focal point, and as they grow will eventually make a lovely floor level display plant.

Ultimately, wherever you choose to display this plant, be it as a statement plant or accent piece among other foliage, the Birkin will work hard at providing you with fresh air as it is an excellent air purifier.

Please note: Philodendron should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Follow these instructions to keep your Philodendron Birkin happy and healthy.

Light: Medium to bright filtered light.
Water: Allow the soil to dry out two-thirds between watering. Prevent prolonged dryness.
Humidity: Average room humidity is sufficient, however to prevent dry edges high humidity is ideal.
Temperature: Ideal temperatures range from 18°C - 24°C.
Soil: A well-draining moisture retentive organic potting mix is sufficient.
Fertilizer: Use a well balanced organic fertilizer once a month.

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