• Handcrafted
  • Unique Design
  • Glazed on the inside: no discolouration
  • Easy Care: No drainage hole, so mess-free, used as a cover pot
  • Available in: 14cm & 18cm

The Pluto Planter is a unique range of pots that were created in the Barcelos region of northern Portugal where the age-old traditions of ceramic craft have been passed down through generations. Each planter has been carefully handcrafted by supremely skilled artisans making every one of them genuinely unique.

Each planter is beautifully glazed and has a terracotta dipped base adding a classical appeal. These planters will bring elegant fuss-free beauty to any corner of your home.

These pots do not have a drainage hole at the base and it is best to use them as decorative cover pots and simply pop your plant in its plastic nursery pot into the Glazed Pot.

NOTE: These planters are handcrafted. Please expect variations in glazing and finishing.

R 325.00