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  • Colourful
  • Immune Boosting
  • Exotic varieties

    The pepper is a fruit from the species Capsicum annuum. Cultivars of this plant variety produce fruits in different shades, including red, yellow, orange, green, white, and purple. These kinds of peppers are commonly known as "Sweet Pepper" as they do not contain the spiciness of chillies. This edible plant variety is extremely popular and is used in many kinds of cuisine ever since being discovered in the Americas. It has high quantities of vitamins and minerals which lead to its immune-boosting abilities. Peppers can grow happily in a sunny spot in a container on your balcony or in the garden.


    Seed slab grows 3 Varieties of Exotic Peppers: Chocolate beauty, heart pimento, Hungarian yellow wax

    Plant Level: Experienced

    Planting Season: Spring

    Companion Plants: Basil, cucumber, eggplant, spinach, squash, tomatoes

    FOODIE FUN FACT: Green peppers are still unripe but if left until they develop their colour, they have twice the amount of vitamin C with a stronger, sweeter flavour.

    The SOW Delicious seed slabs are soil “chocolate slabs”, each brick is embedded with open-pollinated heirloom seeds. The non-GMO seeds will grow into your selected choice of either vegetables, fruit, or herbs. Each soil slabs is enriched to ensure vigorous germination. These slabs are the perfect place to start for those of you new to growing your own produce.

    Benefits of Sow Delicious Seeds Slabs:

    • Easy to space and plant 
    • Slab organically pre-fertilized 
    • Grows well in pots 
    • Added soil-biotics enhance growth & flavour 
    • The super-soil block holds water 3 x longer
    • Bee-friendly 
    • Only grows edible 'superfood' plants
    • Compostable box 
    • Infused with Non-GMO, open-pollinated, Heirloom Seed
    • What is Heirloom Seed? The purest seed on earth - Preserved for generations 

    Ready for more? Why not check out the whole SOW Delicious Collection of Seed Slabs here.

    Follow these simple instructions to get planting.

    • SNAP into single blocks and soak in water for 5min. 1 block = 1 plant
    • PLANT in a sunny spot in a pot or directly into your garden, 1mm below the soil surface.
    • WATER daily until germination, thereafter keep soil moist

     Harvest in 10-14 weeks and revel in your success!

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