• Wooden Handle
  • Stainless Steel for longevity
  • Durable Design for usage comfort

House Plant care is so much more rewarding, when you have the right gear. 

Give your Plants the luxurious treatment during a repotting exercise by indulging them in the cool, clean, calm precision and control that you can exercise with the Stainless Steel Transplanter.

With a durable wooden handle, that sits firmly and comfortably in your hand, you'll have that extra leverage to dig right into that stubborn compacted earth. And once you're done, run the Transplanter under the tap without giving a second through to rust. Yes folks, it's stainless steel.

Job done? The handy leather loop is there to hang this beauty up for next time. That's how to do it right.

Comes in a nice box, so perfect as a special gift.

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R 330.00