Office Plants

Plantify is known for sourcing top-quality, on-trend plants, and for making the entire plant ownership experience fun, supported and easy. This extends to the work environment as well. Let us help you Plantify your Office and create a healthy, productive work space for colleagues and clients. 


We follow this simple process: 

  1. On-site Consult: We'll meet you at your offices and discuss your vision for greening the space. Perhaps you've got a particular 'look or feeling' that you'd like to create, have imperatives such as "impact" or a "care-free" - let's hear it!  
  2. Proposal: Based on our initial consult and your budget, we'll send you some ideas on Planters and Plants. Once you've selected what suits you best, we'll make a time for installation.
  3. Installation: Installation is usually quick and unobtrusive - no interruption to the work day.
  4. Maintenance: Should you wish to, our team will pop by regularly to maintain your plants.

    Artevasi Self-Watering Planters

    We stock the Artevasi Range of Self-watering planters. Their award-winning design is available in a range of colours and applications - from small to large floor, desktop and wall planters. These planters allow for care-easy plant ownership without compromising on style.  

    Check out the Artevasi 2018 Collection for ideas.

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    Get in touch, and let us know how we can help you Plantify your office.

    Artevasi Wonderwall

    Artevasi Self-Watering Planter


    Parlor Palm - Large

    R 575.00

    Description Scientific Name: Areca Palm, also known as Bamboo Palm or Parlor Palm Enjoy cleaner air with this known Air Purifier Likes bright indirect light Instant Jungle Look Great for Homes or Offices Height: 105 - 110cm Plant level: Easy - Medium Our large Parlor Palms come in a 30cm plastic nursery pot. Featuring a delicately, full foliage, the Parlor Palm is...

    Dragon Tree - Angazi

    R 740.00

    Description Scientific Name: Dracaena Angazi 25cm nursery pot Excellent Air purifier: removes harmful chemicals Medium to bright indirect light Extremely low maintenance Drought tolerant plant Plant Level: Easy Our Angazi Dragon Tree comes in a 25cm nursery pot. Dragon trees are fantastic things - shapely, low maintenance and known air purifiers. They're great plants for offices and homes alike and "hold a space" beautifully...

    Dragon Tree - Reflexa

    R 740.00

    Description Scientific Name: Dracaena Reflexa 25cm nursery pot Medium to bright indirect light Low maintenance Every green foliage  Drought tolerant plant Plant Level: Easy Our Reflexa Dragon Tree comes in a 25cm nursery pot. Dragon trees are fantastic things - shapely, low maintenance and known air purifiers. They're great plants for offices and homes alike and "hold a space" beautifully - lots of presence,...

    Alocasia Dragon Scale

    Out of stock

    Description Scientific Name: Alocasia Baginda 'Dragon Scales'Synonyms: Alocasia baginda, Silver Dragon Scale, Elephant Ears Dragon Scale Great statement plant Peculiar texture & coloured foliage Highly desirable & Instagrammable Plant Level: Easy If you are looking for a hotly trending plant that curiously patterned, easy on the eye, and easy to take care of… then consider the Alocasia Dragon Scale. Instagrammers the...

    Zebra Haworthia

    R 60.00

    Scientific Name: Haworthiopsis Attenuata Synonyms: Zebra Haworthia, Zebra Plant, Haworthia Fasciata Easy Care Indigenous  Waterwise High Fascination value Comes in a 10cm Nursery Pot. This is probably the most common of the Haworthia clan and very distinctive due to its white stripes that give this funky succulent its name. The Zebra Haworthia has deep green pointy leaves striped in white that make it look similar...

    Dragon Tree - Corn Plant

    Out of stock

    Description Scientific Name: Dracaena Massangeana 25cm Nursery pot Medium to bright, indirect light Plant level: easy Our Dragon Tree Corn Plants come in a 25cm nursery pot These guys are just great! Tolerant of lower light conditions, forgiving of missed waterings and pretty fuss-free, it's no wonder that they are popular in the office and home. Plus, they are pretty...