Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum Sebastian

  • Comes in a 19cm or 25cm Nursery Pot
  • Medium to Bright indirect Light. 
  • Tolerates low light
  • Air-purifying qualities
  • Creates Lush, Green Look
  • Plant Level: Easy

Peace Lily's are popular indoor plants due to their care easy nature, sculptural look and gorgeous white flowers. The foliage of the Sebastian variety is especially striking due to its large glossy leaves that are adorned with distinct ribbed patterning.


Follow these instructions to keep your Peace Lily healthy and happy:

Water: Water thoroughly, especially during summer, keeping the soil moist. During winter water less often.
Light: Medium to bright indirect light.
Humidity: Regular misting will keep this plant happy.
Fertilize: Every two weeks with diluted plant food from spring to autumn. 

R 295.00