Scientific Name: Calathea burle marx

Our Peacock Calatheas comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot.

The Peacock Calathea is a stripy wonder! It's deep green veins on pastel green backdrop create quite the statement. Part of the Prayer Plant family, Burle Marx likes to close its foliage at night, only to open it up again in the evening. A nice quirky trait.

Coming from the Brazilian rainforest, Burle Marx will add a fresh, tropical feel to any environment. With it's care-easy characteristics, this Calathea is sure to remain high up on everyone's indoor plant Wishlist. 


Follow these instructions to keep your Peacock Calathea healthy and happy.

Water: Keep soil moist, yet well drained, allowing top soil to dry out between watering in winter months. 
Light: Medium to Bright indirect Light
Humidity: Will benefit from regular misting 
Fertilize: Feed with balanced Liquid Fertilizer every 2 weeks, cutting back to once a month in winter.


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