Scientific Name: Haworthia Retusa

Synonyms: Window Succulent, Star Succulent 

  • Adorable
  • High fascination value
  • Indigenous
  • Waterwise

Comes in a 10cm Nursery pot.

This is probably one of the cutest of the Haworthia clan with its tiny translucent triangular bubble-like leaves. There is no doubt as to why this little Haworthia is extremely popular among succulent and houseplant collectors alike.

The Star Window Haworthia is endemic to a small area in the Western Cape making it a proudly South African plant with as much fascination value as our beautiful country has to offer. With that said, this part of the world is pretty dry and this is the reason the Haworthia Retusa is such a small compact slow grower, making it ideal for small spaces that receive bright indirect light to direct sunlight.

Due to its native habitat being as drought-prone as it is these tiny bubbles can withstand bouts of neglect and prefer drier air, making it a fantastic water conscious houseplant and ideal for busy indoor plant collectors and novices alike.

Pair this cutie with a classic terracotta to mimic a natural feel or a modest planter to draw onlooker's attention to this fascinating plants foliage that grows in a rosette formation. And if you give your Haworthia the loving that it prefers it will reward you with tiny white flowers through spring to summer.

Please note: Luckily Haworthia are non-toxic but prefer to live and not to be eaten by pets or children.

Follow these care instructions to keep your Star Window Haworthia happy and healthy.

Water: Allow your Haworthia to dry completely between waterings but do not allow to stay dry for extended periods.
Light: Bright indirect light is ideal although your Haworthia can tolerate a few hours of direct sunlight.
Humidity: Prefers low to no humidity.
Fertilize: Feeding is not necessary.

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