Decorate your Coffee Table, Counter or Office Desk with one of our fabulous Table Top Plants and Pots.
Easy to arrange and move, these houseplants look great as stand alone pieces, or in an ensemble.

Hoya Carnosa

R 150.00

Description Scientific Name: Hoya carnosa 14cm Nursery pot or 16cm hanging nursery basket Available potted in 19cm Italian Terracotta Pot Exquisite cluster of waxy flowers Trailing plant Waterwise Plant Level: Easy Also known as the Wax Plant or Porcelain Flower, the Hoya Carnosa is a climbing, trailing plant with thick, almond-shaped leaves. They are really easy to take care of making them a...

Ripple Pot - White

R 160.00

Description Elegant and stylish, the White Ripple Pot will hold foliage and flowering plants beautifully.  Matt finish with ripple detail Easy Installation: simply slip nursery pot into pot No drainage hole: water plant in-situ Comes in 3 sizes: 14cm, 16cm, 23cm, 28cm Chosen your Pot? Now pick a Plant from Our Plant Collection.

Mother in Law's Tongue (LARGE)

R 250.00

Description Scientific Name: Sansevieria (many varieties) Large plant (20cm pot) Very easy-care and fuss-free Can handle most to all light conditions The plant is around 45-50cm tall Terracotta Pot option available Our Large Mother in Law's Tongue come in a 20cm Nursery Pot and are around 45-50cm tall. With their striking sculptural quality and patterned leaves, this plant instantly adds another level of wow to...

African Milk Tree

R 145.00

Scientific Name: Euphorbia trigona Waterwise  14 or 15cm diameter nursery pot Likes lots of bright light and some full sun. Easy-care Plant level: Easy Our African Milk Trees come in a 14 or 15cm Nursery Pot and in two varieties; African Milk Tree and African Milk Tree 'Rubra'. The 'Rubra' variety features deep red/maroon colouring on its stem and leaves. A green sculptural...

Rubber Tree - Robusta

R 150.00

Description Scientific Name: Ficus elasica "robusta"  Our Rubber Tree comes in a 15cm or 24cm Nursery Pot. The Robusta Rubber Tree makes for a beautiful statement plant. Its lush evergreen foliage adds a delightful natural touch to any space.  One of the indoor plants that are trending worldwide, Rubber Plants will remain fairly small if pot constrained, but will rapidly fill out...

Umshala Pot - Black

R 345.00

Description The Black Umshala Pot is exclusively available through Plantify. Handcrafted in Cape Town, each Black Umshala Pot is completely unique. The Zebra-inspired patterning will make a statement with almost any plant. These beautiful ceramic planters are the perfect size for a standard nursery pot, allowing you to treat the Umshala Pot as a slip cover pot, no need to re-pot...

Mother In Law's Tongue

R 145.00

Description Scientific Name: Sansevieria (many varieties) Our Mother in Law's Tongue come in a 15cm Nursery Pot. Mother-in-Law's Tongue (also known as Snake Plant) is one of the most carefree house plants you can grow. It thrives in just about any light, prefers dry air and soil and rarely needing to be repotted. The striking sculptural quality and extremely care-easy nature of...

ZZ Plant

R 180.00

Description Scientific Name: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Hardy Plant, thrives on neglect Striking glossy foliage Will grow into a nice full plant in same pot Plant Level: Very Easy Our ZZ Plant comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot. Few indoor plants are as care-friendly as the ZZ Plant, which practically thrives on neglect (seriously, try this out!). Its verdant green foliage has a...

Mistletoe Cactus

R 365.00

Description Scientific Name: Rhipsalis cassuthaSynonyms: Mistletoe Cactus  Comes in a 14cm nursery pot Fun trailing plant Humidity lover Great for small spaces Plant Level: Easy Rhipsalis cassutha is an unusual houseplant that really doesn’t look much like a ‘traditional’ cactus at all! In its natural habitat it is an epiphytic jungle cactus, found in warm, humid conditions, growing from trees in the dappled...

Peacock Calathea

R 155.00

Description Scientific Name: Calathea burle marx Our Peacock Calatheas comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot. The Peacock Calathea is a stripy wonder! It's deep green veins on pastel green backdrop create quite the statement. Part of the Prayer Plant family, Burle Marx likes to close its foliage at night, only to open it up again in the evening. A nice quirky trait. Coming...

Love Palm

R 80.00

Description  Scientific Name: Chamadorea elegansSynonyms: Love Palm , Neanthe Bella Palm Ideal for smaller spaces Adapts well to low light Easy Care Air Purifying Comes in a 10cm Nursery Pot. Love Palms have been popular since the Victorian era for its attractive compact shape and lush green cluster forming foliage. The ideal house plant for adding that instant jungle look with minimal effort. These...

Chinese Evergreen - Maria

R 165.00

Description Scientific Name: Aglaonema - 'Maria' 15cm nursery pot Likes warmth  Low/Medium light to bright indirect light Plant level: easy Our Chinese Evergreen comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot.  The Chinese Evergreen Maria is a hardy hybrid plant that is very attractive to look at, with it's long patterned leaves, and easy to take care of. It's generally fuss-free, needing moderate watering and...