Scientific Name: Senecio rowleyanus

Our String of Beads comes in a 16cm Hanging Nursery Pot. 

Many a tannie attests that these pearlers "grew in the wild on our farm". No doubt. These South African succulents are not only a favorite at home, their close cousins, the String of Pearls, are a globally trending house plant.

Best placed in a hanging position, Senecio will grow trailing strings of beads, which will cascade into a curtain of sheer green beauty. 


Follow these instructions to keep your String of Beads healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly but let top 2,5cm of top soil dry out between watering 
Light: Bright light, including some direct sunlight
Humidity: No Humidity adjustments required
Fertilize: Balanced Liquid Fertilizer every month 

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.


Your String of Beads comes in a 16cm Hanging Nursery Pot.

Check our Sizing Guide for a matching Pot, which you'll find in our Pot and Planter Collection 


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