Wish you had a Plant Assistant on Call?
Now you can! With Plantify’s Virtual Plant Consults.

We can help you to:
- identify the plants that you have in your home 
- give you care tips applied to the specific environment that your plants are in

We can also make suggestions for:
- how you can better style your existing plants
- additional plants that would work really well in your space.

We’ll send you specific Care Instructions, Guidance, Recommendations all via email after the call - for Free! These calls are suitable for home and office clients.


How do I order?
Follow the order details below.

How will the Call work?
One of our Plant Assistants will give you a ring on WhatsApp Video at the allotted time.

Do I need to prepare anything?
No, just have your plants / place ready to roll when we call :)

Can I gift a Virtual Plant Call?
With pleasure! Get in Touch, and we'll arrange a Custom Cart


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