The Blue Umshala Pot is exclusively available through Plantify. Handcrafted in Cape Town, each ceramic Blue Umshala Pot is completely unique. The Zebra-inspired patterning will make a statement with almost any plant.

We've paired the Umshala with another African legend: the indestructible, beautifully shapely ZZ Plant. The combination is as unique as it is striking. 

Caring for this beautiful combo is really easy: Umshala is a ceramic slip cover pot, allowing you to water your ZZ Plant directly in it, no need to remove the plant first. 

Pot Dimension: 16cm (Ø) x 13cm (H)
Plant: 14cm Nursery Pot


Follow these instructions to keep your ZZ Plant healthy and happy:

Water: Water thoroughly and allow the top 5 cm of soil to dry out between waterings. Soggy soil will cause the roots to rot.
Light: Low to Bright indirect Light
Humidity: Average room humidity, no humidity adjustments required
Fertilize: Feed 4 times a year with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.


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