Scientific Name: Asplenium Nidus

Beautifully shaped fronds fan outwards from a central 'rosetta', giving this ancient earth dweller the imaginative name of 'Birds Nest Fern'. Many glorious varieties exist, and are distributed across India, South-east Asia, Australia and east Africa. 

Asplenium is a dependable house plant which will create new unfurling fronds throughout the year, especially when given access to medium to bright light and high humidity. Consider adding a few of these green-poppy plants as a decorative installation within your bathroom!

Hand-tied in the classic Japanese Kokedama technique by a skilled Cape Town artisan, Nuno Mossballs are made with water retaining coconut peat mixture and real moss, keeping the roots of the plants moist. 

Dimensions: Approx 15-20cm high, Ball Ø approx 18cm 

Lead Time: We like to send you the healthiest, freshest Plants, and your mossball is made specifically for you. Kindly note that we can have a lead time of up to 2 weeks. Trust us, it's worth the wait!

Please Note: There are many varieties of Birds Nest Ferns and the one which we will send to you may differ from the ones pictured here.   

Mossballs can be installed in two ways: Suspended or Standing.

All of our Nuno Mossballs come with free extra cord and a carabiner.
Install a U-Shaped hook, attach the cord with carabiner, and simply clip in your mossball.

For a standing installation, simply place your Nuno Mossball within a presentation-dish on whichever surface you like. 

Top Tip: Try a Japanese-inspired Mossball Installation by hanging 3 or more Mossballs, at different heights. Use the same Mossball variety to create a statement, or mix them up for a more motley effect. Check out our Nuno Mossball Collection to see what's in stock.


Follow these Care Instructions to keep your Birds Nest Fern Mossball healthy and happy:

Water: Dip your Mossball in a bowl of water for 10 minutes, once a week
Light: Medium to bright light, no direct sunlight
Humidity: Appreciates high humidity, mist regularly
Fertilize: Add a balanced liquid fertilizer to your water once every 2 weeks

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.


Found a Plant that you'd like to have in a Mossball? Send us an email and we'll gladly have it custom made for you - no problemo!


R 240.00