Scientific name: Vriesea splendens

Our Bromeliad Vrieseas come in a 14cm Nursery Pot. 

Hailing from across South America these popular indoor plants produce a spectacular, colorful flowering spike, a deep maroon ending in bright yellow tips. The spikes are long-lasting, giving any setting an instant tropical or jungle feeling.

Bromeliads are highly tolerant of a range of lighting conditions and are easy to care for. They will produce several 'pups' or baby plants during a lifetime which can be removed from the mother plant and re-potted ensuring that you will forever have this striking plant in your home.


Follow these instructions to keep your Bromeliad healthy and happy.

Water: Water the soil when the top layer has become dry. The 'cup' or 'well' of the plant needs to be kept topped up with water and that water should be changed every two weeks.
Light: Bright, Indirect Light is best though it can handle brighter or dimmer light.
Humidity: Average humidity is just fine. Misting the plant is good. 
Fertilize: Fertilize once a month during the summer months.

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Your Bromeliad comes in a 14cm Nursery Pot.

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