Scientific Name: Tillandsia bulbosa

  • Waterwise 
  • Likes bright, indirect light best
  • Likes warmth and humidity 
  • Easy-care
  • Plant level: easy

The Bulbosa Air Plants feature dark green tendrils and a silvery-green bulb. and are striking with their odd, 'other-wordly' look. We've paired it with a triangle glass planter and a sprinkling of slivered gemstones to tie the elements together.

The Bulbosa Air Plant likes bright, indirect light (the brighter, the better!) but will take medium-bright light as well. As the Bulbosa Air Plant doesn’t have many water-attracting hairs (trichomes) on its leaves, it likes a little more water than many other air plants. Mist your plant a few times a week and increase in the summer months. If the room is very dry, and hot you may need to mist the plant daily. Make sure you take it out of the glass hanger when misting. 

The triangle hangers are about 15cm high and come with waxed string for installation.

Follow these instructions to keep your Bulbosa Air Plant healthy and happy.

Water: Mist 2-3 times a week. Increase misting in the summer months. You can soak it now and then, but ensure that you shake out any excess water as water often gets trapped in the tight cluster of leaves at the base. Soak your plant in rain water or bottled water. After soaking, shake out the excess water and place it in a bright spot to dry out. The plant should not take longer than 3 hours to dry.
Light: Bright,indirect light is best but can take medium light as well. No direct sun.
Humidity: Likes high humidity and warmth 
Fertiliser: You can fertilise your Air Plant now and then with a balanced liquid fertilser that has been watered down a lot. Add the diluted fertiliser to the spray bottle and mist the plant twice a month during the spring and summer months.

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.


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