Calathea Angela

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Scientific Name: Calathea roseopicta 'Angela'
Synonym: Rose Painted Calathea 'Angela'

  • Striking pink-tinged foliage
  • High fascination value
  • Curious, shiny, patterned foliage
  • Great for bathroom with high humidity

Our Calathea Angela comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot. 

If we were a plant, we'd like to be born into the Calathea Family. Truly, a Calathea Family gathering would be nothing short of a riot of colour, shapes and patterns: A glorious celebration of what Plants have on offer. Real Show-ers. 

The Calathea Angela has subtle subtle, elegant, two-tone concentric patterning. Its unique shades of green-grey with splashes of pink colouring will fit almost any planter, giving the plant appreciator a wide variety of choices.

Roseopicta is also one of the more mobile Calatheas: do not be surprised if this Calathea houseplant flips up its leaves at night when it goes to rest.

These beauties love a medium to bright, warm and humid position making them ideal for a well-lit bathroom or kitchen, however, will thrive in basic living areas as long as extra attention is paid to this extraordinary plant, such as being sure to never let it dry out.

Place this beauty on a well-styled shelf and allow it to be the centre of attention.

Please note: Calathea are non-toxic to Pets and Humans.

Care Instructions

Follow these instructions to keep your Calathea Angela healthy and happy.

Water: Keep soil evenly moist and do not let it dry out. Be careful however not to overwater. 
Light: Medium indirect Light
Humidity: Medium to High Humidity is important, mist regularly or place on a pebble tray
Fertilize: Use a balanced Liquid Fertilizer every 2 weeks during the active growing season of Spring to Summer. Cease fertilizing in winter.


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Calathea Roseopicta Angela - 14cm
Calathea Roseopicta Angela

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