Scientific Name: Monstera deliciosa 

Our Large Delicious Monsters come in a 23cm Nursery Pot and contains 3 individual plants.

Delicious Monsters have been a classic house plant for years! It simply doesn't seem to go out of fashion. Perhaps because of its lush green foliage which adds an urban jungle feeling to any living space. 

Delicious Monsters derive their name from the fact that they produce edible delicious seeds (only in the wild) and can grow up to 9meter tall (again, only in the wild).

This super-care easy plant will be happy in any space where it does not come directly into contact with a draft or direct sunlight. Lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom... really anywhere!


Follow these instructions to keep your Large Delicious Monster healthy and happy:

Water: Once a week 
Light: Medium to bright indirect light
Humidity: Medium to high humidity, will appreciate being misted regularly
Fertilize: Balanced Fertilizer every 2 weeks, reduce to monthly in winter

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.

Your Large Delicious Monster comes in a 23cm Nursery Pot

Check our Sizing Guide for a matching Pot, which you'll find in our Pot and Planter Collection 


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