Exclusively available though Plantify, Ashanti fabric is hand-woven in Madacascar from the fibres of perfectly good cotton fabric that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Fashioned into Pot Covers in Cape Town, these unique pieces of decor fit over a hard-shell casing allowing you to simply slot in a nursery pot. An accompanying drip tray makes watering clean and easy.

Each pot cover is completely unique and manufactured in limited runs of only 4 Large and Small cover pots per pattern.

Small: 15cm inner diameter, to fit a 12cm standard nursery pot.
Large: 18cm inner diameter, to fit a 15cm standard nursery pot.


Remove the fabric pot cover and hand wash to avoid colours running.


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Size Guide:
Small Ashanti: 12cm Plant 
Large Ashanti: 15cm Plant 


R 150.00