Scientific Name: Pachypodium Lamerii

Our Pachypodium comes in a 14cm Nursery Pot. 

On first glance this eccentric little plant is bemusing. Is it a palm, with its crown of dark, slender leaves? Is it a cactus, with its trunk covered with long spikes? Although commonly known as the Madagascan Palm, it is actually a succulent! 

This quirky looking plant, while not the most beautiful (looking somewhat like very skinny pineapple), is loved for its easy going nature. 

We have paired our Pachy's with this a wood-fired cylindrical Terracotta Pot, which acts as a slip cover. Leave it in it's nursery pot, or repot it directly into the Terracotta pot, should you want the indoor plant to get larger. 


Follow these instructions to keep your Pachypodium healthy and happy.

Water: During summer, water well when the soil dries out. Water sparingly in winter.
Light: Full sun or the brightest, sunniest spot in the house.
Humidity: Average humidity is just fine.
Fertilize: Balanced Liquid Fertilizer once a month in spring and summer season


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