Why not pair the charming Peace in the Home with a home if it's own? The delicate yet lush foliage of Peace in the Home makes for a refreshing splash of green. 

This oh-so-easy DIY kit makes a great gift and lovely addition to any home. Simply remove the plant from its nursery pot, loosen the soil a little and place it directly into the terrarium.

Terrariums create their own little ecosystem. Water the plant with a little water about once a week, secure the lid, and let nature do the rest! Remove the lid at night at least 3-4 times a week so that the plant can breathe a little, or, alternatively you can leave the lid off completely.


Follow these instructions to keep your Peace in the Home Terrarium healthy and happy.

Water: Keep soil evenly moist, but do not over water 
Light: Medium to Bright indirect Light
Humidity: Likes high humidity - remove the lid at night to allow the plant to breathe, or alternatively keep the lid off at all times.
Fertilize: Should be fine without, but monitor. Yellow leaves or slowing growth are an indication that the plant may need a little boost.

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.



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