Gro-Urban Seed Squares make Urban Gardening User-Friendly and Fun!

Seed Type: Rocket

Rocket is very quick growing producing pungently scented leaves.

Fertile, well-drained soil that holds its moisture well provides the ideal growing environment for this punchy plant.

Rocket is a prolific grower, and you may just find yourself bottling up a batch of pesto to do justice to the vigorous leaf production!

The Benefits of Gro-Urban Seed Squares are:

  • Extremely water wise: The squares retain water and slow the drainage process
  • Help enrich & aerate the soil
  • Seeds don't wash away
  • Perfect Spacing
  • Companion Plants are combined in squares
  • Packaging made from recycled materials: including coffee grinds & vegetable inks.

Sleeve Dimensions: 31 (h) x 32.5cm (w)

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R 85.00