Scientific Name: Selaginella kraussiana

  • Comes in a 16cm White or Gun Metal cover pot
  • Available in 14cm nursery pot
  • Intricate, but full, bright green foliage
  • Bright, indirect light and high humidity 
  • Plant level: Easy

Paired with the White Ripple Pot (16cm) or Gun Metal Ripple Pot (16cm) and delightfully green and fluffy, this little guy will brighten up any space. The Selaginella is a cross between a fern and moss with branching foliage that spreads outwards as the plant grows.The plant can be pruned back if you want to to keep it small.

Hailing from around Africa and South Africa, this fella likes high humidity and moist soil. 


Follow these instructions to keep your Selaginella healthy and happy.

Water: Keep soil moist, but not soggy
Light: Bright, indirect light
Humidity: High humidity requirements - mist regularly if environment is dry 
Fertilize: Feed monthly Spring through Autumn 

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.



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