• Superfood
  • Immune Boosters
  • Easy to grow
  • Non-GMO

Imagine launching your own superfood Chilli sauce with your own harvest of chillies, even if it's just to give away as gifts to friends and family. Not only are chillies a great way to spice up a bland dish but they are super good for you. High in immune-boosting vitamins and minerals, it's a wonder they have been around for so long.

SOW Delicious has created the perfect 3 variety Sauce Chillie seed mix to help you get started on your journey towards your own Chillie Sauce Empire.


Seed slab grows 3 Varieties of Chillies: Habanero, Jalapenos, Peri-peri

Plant Level: Experienced

Planting Season: Late Winter - Early Spring

Companion Plants: Basil, cucumber, eggplant, spinach, squash, tomatoes

FOODIE FUN FACT: Chillies were used as an ancient Aztec currency. The longer you leave a chilli on a bush the hotter it gets.

The SOW Delicious seed slabs are soil “chocolate slabs”, each brick is embedded with open-pollinated heirloom seeds. The non-GMO seeds will grow into your selected choice of either vegetables, fruit, or herbs. Each soil slabs is enriched to ensure vigorous germination. These slabs are the perfect place to start for those of you new to growing your own produce.

Benefits of Sow Delicious Seeds Slabs:

  • Easy to space and plant 
  • Slab organically pre-fertilized 
  • Grows well in pots 
  • Added soil-biotics enhance growth & flavour 
  • The super-soil block holds water 3 x longer
  • Bee-friendly 
  • Only grows edible 'superfood' plants
  • Compostable box 
  • Infused with Non-GMO, open-pollinated, Heirloom Seed
  • What is Heirloom Seed? The purest seed on earth - Preserved for generations 

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Follow these simple instructions to get planting.

  • SNAP into single blocks and soak in water for 5min. 1 block = 1 plant
  • PLANT in a sunny spot in a pot or directly into your garden, 1mm below the soil surface.
  • WATER daily until germination, thereafter keep soil moist

 Harvest in 10-14 weeks and revel in your success!

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