Scientific Name: Tillandsia cyanea x Tillandsia Platyrachis

  • High fascination value
  • Unique pink bulti-bract
  • Produces lots of pups to produce more plants
  • Plant level: Easy

Our Tillandsia Antonio come in a 13cm Nursery Pot. 

The appealing, colourful pink spike of the Tillandisa Antonio creates a fun and inviting feeling in any setting - on a windowsill, shelf or as a table decoration.

This plant is a hybrid between two popular tillandsia (airplants), combining their best attributes: size and statement colourful bract.

Keep soil evenly moist and water from the top. Place in a medium to brightly lit area. A wonderful beginner plant.

After flowering, look out for small "pups" / new plants emerging at the base of the mother plant. Gently, remove and transplant. New plant will flower in 1-2 years.


Follow these instructions to keep your Tillandsia Antonio healthy and happy.

Water: Water top of the plant to keep the rosetta wet; water compost as well. Don't waterlog the soil, nor dry it out.
Light: Medium to bright indirect light
Humidity: No adjustments to humidity required. Avoid cold or dry draughts.
Fertilize: No fertilizing required.


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