Scientific Name: Tillandsia intermedia X Tillandsia streptophylla
Common names: Air plant 

  • High fascination value
  • Unique curly leaves
  • Produces lots of pups to produce more plants
  • Plant level: Easy

Our Curly Slim Tillandsia comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot. 

These striking Tillandsia make a statement with their Medusa-like tendrils that twist and curl adding to their fascination. Besides, there is no easier plant to take care of. Tillandsia is commonly known as air plants due to their habits in nature where they attach themselves to trees and draw nutrients and moisture from the air.

With your Curly Slim Tillandsia, find a nice bright indirect spot, like on a shelf or tabletop, or place in a warm bathroom where it can get some moisture from the steam. Allow the potting medium to dry out well between waterings to prevent your plant from rotting or remove from the potting medium altogether and find a spot to hang it.

Whatever you choose, this will be the most low maintenance plant you have in your collection.

Follow these instructions to keep your Curly Slim Tillandsia healthy and happy.

Water: Water once every two weeks and allow to dry completely, be careful not to allow water to collect in the crown.
Light: Medium to bright indirect light is ideal.
Humidity: Medium to high humidity, sprits regularly but do not allow moisture to settle in the crown.
Fertilize: No fertilizing required.


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