Vertical gardens are the solution to lack of space in inner-city living. Plant ornamental plants for a striking green wall, or productive plants, for the freshest herbs, vegetables and edible flowers at your fingertips.

The panels are easy to plant up and make harvesting more accessible. Additionally, the generous-sized pockets allow for healthy root systems.

A truly South African product - the panels are hand made using components that are predominantly manufactured in SA. The pockets are made from a durable, yet flexible geotextile fabric, and are plastic-backed so walls are protected when watering and require no prior waterproofing. Webbing and eyelets help to maintain the shape and make installation easy. 

Read here for information on how to install your panel as well as the required tools and materials needed for installation


The material will last for many years and can be easily cleaned with a gentle brushing of soap and water. The Vertical Veg Wall Pockets come in 7 different sizes.

NOTE: Please add 2 extra days to the lead time of this product.


All measurements for the Vertical Veg Wall Pockets are given in millimetres:

1 Pocket: 320h x 240w

2 Pockets: 520h x 240w

4 Pockets: 540h x 480w

5 Pockets: 1300h x 330w 

6 Pockets: 560h x 1000w

10 Pockets: 1300h x 680w

15 Pockets: 1300h x 1000w


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