Scientific name: Dischidia Ovata
Synonyms: Watermelon Dischidia

  • Adorable foliage
  • Incredible hanging plant
  • Can handle sun
  • Loves humidity
  • Easy care

Our Watermelon Dischidia comes in a 12cm hanging nursery basket.

Dischidia is the adorable cousin of the Hoya family and has become relatively popular over the past few years among enthusiasts and novice plant lovers alike. The Watermelon Dischidia is hands down one of the most attractive of the varieties available with its dark green leaves veined with gold, closely representing a watermelon, the best part is that they flower with tiny clusters of green blooms striped with purple.

These magical plants make for a fantastic hanging basket specimen and should be hung high to allow them to cascade elegantly or placed on a shelf for a dramatic look. Pop this stunner in a spot where it can receive some direct sunlight as this will encourage the leaves to blush red adding to your Dischidias appeal.

Even though the Watermelon Dischidia can handle bouts of drought it is not advisable to let it stay dry for prolonged periods as these are tropical vines and will thrive much better in warm humid conditions, such as a bright bathroom or warm sunny kitchen.

No matter what it is that draws you to this uniquely magnificent vine know that it will add a dash of flair to any spot you choose to display it in.

Please note: Dischidia is not known to be toxic, however, no matter how delicious the tiny watermelon leaves look, it is advisable to keep out of reach of hungry pets or humans.


Follow these care instructions to keep your Watermelon Dischidia happy and healthy.

Light: Bright light to soft direct sunlight.
Water: Keep evenly moist and allow to dry up to 2cm before watering again.
Humidity: Medium to high humidity is ideal, sprits regularly.
Fertilize: Feed with a well balanced organic fertilizer during active growth once a month.


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