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      Shop our wide selection of locally made pot covers, planters and plant styling accessories. With a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles available to meet all your interior plant decorating needs - for home, patio or office spaces.

      Choose contemporary cotton cord planters, glazed ceramics and classic terracottas. Consider stylish Afri chic baskets, trendy terrazzo planters, or stunning glass options. Take a look at our large range of floor standing, tabletop and hanging solutions

      Discover the perfect balance of creativity and practicality with our range of metal pot plant stands and wall-mounted pot holders, in an assortment of designs. No matter what you need, from adding extra height to creating extra space, there is a solution for every upscale urban jungle.

      Most Planters are available in a variety of sizes, to help you style larger plant ensembles. Use our handy Pot + Planter Sizing guide to help you make the right choice.

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