20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Create a Lush Indoor Jungle in a month!

Incorporating leafy greens into your interior design can support you in creating the quintessential sense of comfort in your living or office spaces. Although it can take patience and persistence to wait for a houseplant to reach its full potential before creating that Instagram-worthy living space, the quickest approach is to buy already established houseplants. One disadvantage to this is that it can be quite expensive to buy established houseplants. So, we've compiled this list of 20 Fast Growing indoor plants that'll help you create the perfect indoor jungle in no time.

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants

Here’s our list of fast-growing houseplants:

  1. Heart Leaf Philodendron

  2. Philodendron Brasil

  3. Natal Ivy

  4. Delicious Monster

  5. Calathea House Plants

  6. Wild Banana

  7. Spider Plant

  8. Arrowhead Plant

  9. Peace Lily 

  10. Swiss Cheese Vine

  11. Golden Pothos

  12. Hoya Carnosa

  13. Philodendron Emerald Green

  14. Kangaroo Fern

  15. Nerve Plant

  16. Split Leaf Philodendron

  17. Dainty Crassula

  18. String of Hearts

  19. Weeping Fig

  20. Broadleaf Lady Palm

Let’s explore these plants in more detail. Stick with us, we’ll give you top care tips, interesting facts and some inspirational photos. Be sure to check out our FAQ Fast Growing Indoor Plant section at the end.

20 Fast Growing House Plants for Beginners

1. Heartleaf Philodendron 

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Heartleaf Philodendron

The Heartleaf Philodendron is one of those ubiquitous trailing houseplants with deep green heart-shaped foliage, hence its other common name being the Sweetheart Plant.

As a member of the Philodendron family, it is one of those super easy-care beginner houseplants that will create an instant impact wherever it is placed. 

They’re ideal for hanging, and as a fast-growing houseplant, will create a lush full canopy of foliage in a very short timespan. Though if you’re looking for large leaves, it is best to allow this plant to climb, either up a moss pole or consider allowing the plant to climb your walls. Hint: they’ve been known to attach themselves to walls unsupported, as they would in nature to trees, which they climb in search of light.

Heartleaf Philodendrons love to be placed in bright filtered light. They will also tolerate a spot with less than optimal lighting, however, this will slow the growth down considerably and may result in smaller foliage. The best way to counteract this would be to feed your plant regularly, both in dark and bright positions, as this will support your plant during its fast growth cycle. Click here for more info on Heartleaf Philodendron Care.

In short, Heartleaf Philodendrons are the perfect cascading or climbing houseplant for any interior space, for a quick growing, instant Jungle look.

2. Philodendron Brasil

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Philodendron Brasil

The Philodendron Brasil is the eccentric sibling of the Heartleaf Philodendron, boasting more vibrantly yellow and green-tinged heart-shaped foliage, with just as much charisma.

Their bold appearance will add colour and charm to a brightly lit bedroom or bathroom, especially if added to a shelf display. Though, consider having the Brasil turned into a Mossball, which will show off its graceful trailing habit and create a unique showpiece.

As with the Heartleaf Philodendron, the Brasil is a low-maintenance and fast-growing specimen. That will need to be fed regularly to support its growth rate. They prefer more light to keep them looking their best, and a low light situation will not only lead to small leaves but can make it lose its striking colouring.

Philodendron Brasil is also fantastic to propagate, making it a plant that will not only look great but can be multiplied easily, to create a large full display in no time. For more on Plant Propagation checkout our guide on 5 Easy Plants to Propagate.

3. Natal Ivy

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants -Natal Ivy

Now here is a fabulous houseplant that’ll keep house guests guessing. 

The Natal Ivy is a definite must-have if you want a fast-growing vine, that’ll need very little encouragement to look its best. Not only that, if you’re lucky, they even bloom for you during the Spring and Autumn months.

Flowers you may ask? Well, yes, this variety of ‘Ivy’ does bloom, compared to its namesake counterpart, the English Ivy, which it is not related to at all. Though having a highly comparable leaf shape.

FUN FACT: The Natal Ivy is part of the Senecio order of plants, which is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family, hence its ability to bless its owner with bright yellow flowers when cared for correctly. 

They are also native to South Africa and have developed thick semi-succulent foliage, to withstand bouts of occasional drought, making it the ideal Waterwise addition to a brightly lit balcony or patio area. A bright interior space will, however, be just as good for them.

Natal Ivy also has a fantastic growth habit, and luckily, unlike the English Ivy, will not attach itself to your living room furniture or walls. Instead, it’ll wrap itself around any form of support, edging its way upwards, whilst other tendrils gracefully cascade out of its planter, making this the ultimate hanging houseplant.

4. Delicious Monster

20 Fast Growing Plants - Delicious Monster

This is the Houseplant that steals the show!

When it comes to something that will grow large quickly, a Delicious Monster is the way to go, and it sure is a monster. 

Often highly fenestrated (the naturally occurring holes in the leaves), or holey like Swiss cheese, they are prized for their large, spectacular foliage, hence their other common name, Swiss Cheese Plants.

Delicious Monsters are generally quite bushy when they are young, with distinctive solid heart-shaped leaves, and when mature they start to vine and produce their characteristic holey foliage, so you're likely to need to support it indoors with a moss pole or a stable structure nearby. This will happen quickly if you provide the Delicious Monster with quality light, regular fertilisation, and a good watering regime.

DID YOU KNOW? Delicious Monster Fruits are edible when Ripe and are considered to taste like a combination of Pineapple and Banana. #naturesowntropicalsmoothie

With enough room, Delicious Monsters can grow to 3m tall, while their dramatic, perforated leaves can grow to 30cm long or even longer. It's, therefore, best to give them some elbow room, especially as they grow. Before you know it, you'll have that picture-perfect jungle charm with this beauty.

 5. Calathea Houseplants 

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Calathea     

Calathea, now known as Goeppertia, are the dancing queens of the houseplant world. These plants boast a wide variety of foliage colours and textures. Their unique feature, however, is in their kinetic movement.

As the day progresses, they tend to adjust their foliage based on temperature, light, and wind. Due to the plant's fascinating and distinctive movement, its leaves fold up at night in a position reminiscent of prayer, earning it the name Prayer Plant.

Plants like these are perfect for adding some colour or texture to any interior space, especially in brightly lit bathrooms and kitchens where humidity is naturally higher. This will help them remain healthy and beautiful, guaranteeing a full foliaged statement piece.

Calathea are native to the Amazon Basin where they grow on the jungle floor in conditions of dappled light, high humidity, and warmth. As a result of this unique habitat, some species have evolved to display brightly coloured foliage and sometimes deep purple undersides, such as Calathea Makoyana. Others, such as Calathea Orbifolia, will have a lighter, more striped colouring. 

Calatheas make an eye-catching piece when viewed from above as an elegant ornamental statement piece.

6. Wild Banana (Strelitzia Nicolai)

20 Fast Growing Plants - Wild Banana

Here's another South African native that's almost as famous as the father of our nation, President Mandela… at least in the world of plants.

They go by many names, but the most common are either Strelitzia or White Bird of Paradise.

Known for the amazing paddle-shaped leaves on thin but elegant stalks, they are highly sought after for their iconic large leaves, that give the plant its signature tropical look.

Their care is simple and undemanding, but consistency in the care approach is key to ensuring a fast-growing houseplant. Wild Bananas appreciate the brightest light your house has to offer, especially if they get to enjoy a couple of hours of sunbathing, and they prefer to be hydrated once their potting soil is near dryness.

These statuesque houseplants are ideal as floor-level specimens, away from heavy traffic areas where passersby can easily damage their delicate yet robust foliage. 

Note that these houseplants can grow BIG, reaching almost 6 meters in height! Though this height can be limited to 2 meters if the plant is kept in a smaller pot to prevent excessive growth. As such, these houseplants are ideal for large interior spaces, where they are given the space to create an impact. Read more on their Care here.

7. Spider Plant

20 Fast Growing Plants - Spider Plant

For something that feels like it grows at the speed of light with very little effort, then look no further than the Spider Plant.

They were once known as a 'Grandma's plant,' but they have once again been propelled back into the spotlight, and for good reasons:

  • They’re pretty.

  • Grow super quickly.

  • Are highly versatile.

  • And multiply like rabbits.

The foliage of this beautiful houseplant cascades delicately over the sides of a planter when placed in a hanging basket or on a shelf. As the Spider Plant matures, it will develop stolons, stem-like growths that will hang low covered in tiny spider plantlets. Making a visually appealing display.

FUN FACT : It is believed Spider Plants got their name from being used by first nations of Sub-Saharan Africa as a treatment for Spider bites.

Spider Plants are also tolerant of a wider variety of lighting situations, and will grow quickly in both filtered bright light as well as low-lit conditions. Plus, they have thick robust roots that retain water, making them a semi-succulent tropical wonder. Meaning when it comes to water, less is more, adding to its versatility and low maintenance requirements. 

8. Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium)

 20 Fast Growing Plants - Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plants are well-documented beginner plants, with each variety having its own characteristics and growth habits.

Most commonly still referred to by its Latin name Syngonium, Arrowhead Plants got its common name from the shape of its immature foliage, which looks similar to the sharp pointy end of a spear, without the danger.

This is a relatively common ornamental plant, used both indoors and outdoors to add colour and contrast to assemblages of plants. The rise in popularity of the variety has been driven by the almost endless number of hybrids, and the undisputed ease of care that it offers.

Syngonium is now so popular that some rarer varieties can fetch hefty price tags, such as certain variegated varieties. Though the speed of growth and care remain the same across the board, adding to this plant's popularity.

The immature form stays full and bushy, and if not trimmed back to maintain its appearance, it will begin to vine rapidly. As the vines grow, they seek places to climb up, often needing some form of support, such as a stake or trellis. Even so, one can allow it to trail down, making a lovely hanging plant. The leaves of these fascinating plants tend to morph once they reach maturity, developing a 3 lobed form that is very different from the immature form.

9. Peace Lily

20 Fast Growing Plants - Peace Lily

With its glossy green foliage and white blooms gracefully set among the foliage, the Peace Lily is a staple indoor plant, adorning many a home or office.

The name Peace Lily though is a misnomer and they’re not exactly true liles. Instead, they are part of the Aroid family which includes Philodendron, Alocasia and Anthuriums. Putting them on the top of the tropical must-have list.

SOMETHING COOL TO TELL A FRIEND: The Latin name Spathiphyllum means Spathe Leaf, which refers to the flower that is a modified leaf which has whitened to attract pollinators, with the flower being the actual growth structure inside.

Their ease of care is also nothing to be sniffed at. They’re hardy and adaptable and when thirsty will droop. Only to bounce right back up, once hydrated, as if they had no problems to start with. Aside from that, they can live in any amount of light, barring complete darkness, making this plant perfect for brightening up low-light corners or a bathroom.

Peace Lilies are also known for their air-purifying qualities, despite their gorgeous foliage attributes. Neutralizing toxic gases in the air, such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Enhancing the hard-working charm of this beauty.

10. Swiss Cheese Vine

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Swiss Cheese Vine

Known as either Monstera Adansonii or Monkey Mask Plant, the Swiss Cheese Plant is one of those popular houseplants, just like its cousin, the Delicious Monster, which you can see on almost every plant-based Instagram page and TikTok video. The cheesy name for this plant is a result of its beautiful fast-growing, deep green foliage filled with an array of lacy holes, with a vining growth habit. 

Monstera Adansonii has a particular purpose for its holes, not only to look cool. Fenestrations in Monstera generally assist the plant in distributing light lower down the plant, as if the leaves stayed solid they would shade out the lower part of the plant, causing it to die off. Another crucial reason in nature is so that the plant can withstand high winds, which will blow right through the fenestrated foliage, preventing damage to the plant.

Furthermore, they are very easy to maintain, since they enjoy bright, filtered light for lush growth, moderate water, and a regular feeding regimen to maintain their growth. Though it is possible to grow your Swiss Cheese Plant in a lower lit position, this will affect the growth rate, and often the size of the leaves, less light leads to smaller foliage and a slower-growing plant.

They can also create an unforgettable display, whether they are arranged on moss poles, which will allow the foliage to grow large and dense, or on bookshelves, which can trail, giving a contemporary look.

11. Golden Pothos

20 Fast Growing Plants - Golden Pothos

Pothos houseplants are synonymous with being a super fast-growing plant and go by many other names, including Devils Ivy. Though, as Juliet would say “a rose by any other name will still smell as sweet.”, hence the Golden Pothos will still grow as quickly.

In particular, the Golden Pothos is a striking plant, with its yellow splattered foliage that trails or climbs depending on how it is arranged. Sharing similar features to the Heartleaf Philodendron, the Golden Pothos leaves grow larger when allowed to climb a stake or trellis, as the foliage now “competes” for light, requiring larger surface areas. Whilst in a trailing configuration, the plants tend to keep their leaves smaller, and evenly sized.

These indoor plants are also pretty adaptable, and they can grow in low-light areas or in artificial lighting conditions, such as in offices and retail stores. Just cut back on the watering in less light.

Additionally, they are low maintenance and easy to propagate, and when added to other propagations, their roots encourage faster root development. It is the ultimate win-win plant. Check out our 5 Easy Plant to propagate to learn how to propagate this fabulous plant.

12. Hoya Carnosa

20 Fast Growing Plants - Hoya Carnosa

Hoyas are among the top trend setters, and they come in so many shapes, colours and sizes that one can create a diversified indoor jungle with only plants from this genus! Also known as the Wax Plant or Porcelain Flower for its delicate, beautifully fragranced blooms and thick waxy foliage.

Due to its fast growth, Hoya Carnosa is one of the most popular cultivars of Hoya, readily available in garden centres and plant shops. Every Spring and Summer, your plants will grow a few centimetres and before you know it, you will have a fully grown plant with umbels of tightly packed, fragrant flowers.

Hoya prefers bright filtered light because direct sunlight can result in bleached and yellow foliage. They also require little water, as they are naturally semi-succulent, storing water in their leaves for use when they become dry. That makes them an ideal choice for beginners or those in search of something a little less demanding.

If you're looking for a more wild aesthetic, allowing your Hoya Carnosa to trail will allow it to find its way and form an individualistic masterpiece. If you're looking for a compact specimen, you can train them up a trellis with ease.

13. Philodendron Emerald Green

Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Philodendron Emerald Green

Philodendrons are common indoor plants, but with so many varieties, it's hard to pick which one is the best. However, Philodendron Emerald Green is a great contender.

The large bright green foliage, and their self-heading nature, make these houseplants excellent floor-standing candidates. They can grow big and full, perfect for filling in a corner or gap between a shelf and couch.

TOP TIP: When caring for your Self-Heading Philodendron, make sure your plant receives adequate air circulation. Their compact growth habit often leads to mould growth on the stems and potting medium due to the lack of good airflow.

Like all Philodendrons, they are easy to care for. To support their active fast growth habit, they love bright light, average humidity and regular watering and feeding. When they're cared for well, they'll grow big and beautiful in no time, creating an awe-inspiring houseplant fantasy.

14. Kangaroo Fern

 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Kangaroo Fern

The Kangaroo Fern is a unique-looking fern variety native to sunny Australia. Their leaves resemble the paws of their most well-known hopping marsupial: the Kangaroo. 

Its scientific name on the other hand: Microsorum diversifolium refers to the different forms the leaves take as they mature, starting out solid and single and then maturing into leaves with deep indentations, creating a striking foliage plant.

Unlike some other ferns, they're quite hardy and tend to grow in sunny spots near rocky outcroppings. As a result, they are quite adaptable indoor plants, equally happy at home or in an office. While they appreciate a light moisture level in their soil, they can handle some drying out for a few days. Consistent humidity, however, is the key to keeping them looking lush and growing quickly.

The Kangaroo fern is a wonderful hanging plant which will look equally striking as a potted plant, or in a mossball. This, thanks to the unique shape and colour contrasting foliage that it offers.

15. Nerve Plant

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Nerve Plant

Nerve Plants come in a variety of beautiful colours, including greens, reds and pinks. What makes it a winner is the delicate patterning that looks like nerves running across the leaves, hence its common name, though you can also call it by its given name Fittonia

They’re also one of those, I’ll tell you what I like kinda plants and will droop when thirsty. Only to bounce back as if nothing happened, once watered. Though that is not their only endearing quality.

If you're not into seeing the topsoil in your houseplants, then nerve plants are a great choice to use as an underplanting. They also make wonderful additions to Terrariums, where they thrive in high humidity environments, which encourages fast growth. Though, they’re at ease pretty much anywhere as an interior decor piece as long as they are provided with evenly moist potting soil.

Additionally, these delightful specimens make incredible coffee table centrepieces for those who don't want something too tall to obstruct their view. Or consider them as a space-saving addition to your bathroom window sill.

16. Split Leaf Philodendron

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Split leaf Philodendron

This is yet another one of those plants with a misleading common name, although it is no one's fault! Only recently have biologists been able to map DNA sequences in certain plants and develop new taxonomies. Now we know that the Split Leaf Philodendron isn’t a Philodendron at all! It is now classified in its own genus altogether, called Thaumatophyllum, which roughly translates as 'Wonder Leaf'.

No matter the name, they’re epic. Split Leaf Philodendrons get large, even enormous, like their far-off aroid cousin the Delicious Monster. Ideal for creating impact and drama in both small and large spaces alike.

DID YOU KNOW? The Split leaf Philodendron bares large deeply dissected, green-lobed leaves, and as the leaves drop, they form a thick trunk, giving rise to one of their other common names the Tree Philodendron.

In addition, their care is low maintenance, only needing water when the soil is near dry and will thrive in most environments, including a protected patio or balcony. Although you can arrange them in your living rooms as furniture-sized plants or as an imposing figure in your office boardroom. With these fantastic attributes, they’re easy care and perfect for any plant newbie.

17. Dainty Crassula

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants - Dainty Crassula

Crassula spathulata, also known as the Spatula Crassula, or Dainty Crassula, are another one of the wonderful endemics of South Africa, and when you know that, you know these little fellas are most likely to be Waterwise. 

As a fast-growing groundcover in nature with the ability to cover large areas in no time, they’ve gradually found their way indoors, and no, not in an invasive way. They’re adaptable and like the bright filtered light that the indoor environment can provide.

As a natural groundcover, they tend to be versatile when styled in different ways. They make an excellent hanging plant in a brightly lit sunny window. But are also perfect as an underplanting around the base of large indoor trees. When provided with the perfect conditions, they’ll reward you with adorable clusters of white star-shaped flowers. 

Dainty Crassula also likes it dry, being a succulent, making them perfect for those who are a little pressed for time but want that pop of leafy greens to relax amongst. And as a fast grower, you could pop a trail in a pot, and before you know it, you’ll have a full-blown plant. What's not to love!

18. String of Hearts

20 Fast Growing Plants - String of Hearts

We cannot help but sing the praises of the String of Hearts, with their long thin vines adorned with multiple lightly grey-green heart-shaped leaves, though the variegated options are even better with tinges of pink and white. So cute!

There is no doubt as to why this houseplant is an almost never-ending trending houseplant. They are, truly speaking, one of the fastest-growing houseplants, and can add centimetres of growth in a warm week. They’ll put on length so quickly, that you’ll forget that you bought it a month ago at half or even quarter the length. 

Plus, they’re succulent, so won't need excessive watering or feeding to support their growth. Endemic to the East Coast of South Africa, i.e. Kwa-Zulu Natal, the String of Heart grows epiphytically, creeping through the canopy of indigenous trees in search of light. 

So, if you’d like to add some intrigue to your tropical oasis, the String of Hearts is a great way to do this. Being perfect for slipping in among other plants as a cascading accent in a bright filtered light position.

19. Weeping Fig

20 Fast Growing Plants - Weeping Fig

The Weeping Fig is one of those pretty and popular indoor trees. So popular in fact you’ve probably seen one and not even realised it!

Ficus Benjamina is top of the pops when it comes to a fast-growing indoor tree. They can put on 30 - 60cm of growth in a month, which is outstanding. With this fast growth habit, you’ll often find that nurseries will plant more than one sapling together in a pot and plait their pliable stems together, creating a fantastic and unusual trunk.

These plants are great for adding a bit of drama to your Jungle collection. Be it as a stand-alone feature in your home or office, or as a tall addition to a cluster of houseplants. Though one should not ignore their foliage as not being noteworthy. Their weeping comes from the way the leaves dangle daintily from the branches, creating a soft flowing appearance. Their foliage can also come in a variety of hues, from variegated forms such as the Ficus Starlight to bright options like the Lemon and Lime variety.

Plants of the Ficus genus can be a touch demanding, needing relatively precise care to keep them looking beautiful year-round. They prefer indirect lighting, avoiding direct sunlight. They prefer evenly moist soil but avoid soggy soil, and they prefer warm, consistent temperatures, as well as being upgraded each year to a slightly larger living space. Regular check-ins with your plants is an easy way to accomplish this.

For more on when to re-pot your houseplants read our: Guide to Re-potting Houseplants.

20. Broadleaf Lady Palm 

20 Fast Growing Plants - Broadleaf Lady Palm

For instant tropical glamour look no further than this lovely lady. 

The Broadleaf Lady Palm is a form of Fan Palm that can only be found in cultivation. They have an almost bamboo-like growth stem topped off with broad fanned leaves. The way this Palm tends to grow, creates a full and lush appearance, something that really stands out.

For an indoor Palm, they are pretty fast growing, putting on about 30 - 60cm of height per year, though they will push out a lot of leaves throughout a shorter period of time, keeping the Plant looking full, which is a bonus.

As a ‘manmade’ plant they are super easy to care for, and ideal for the novice jungle creator or someone looking for something care friendly. They like their soil evenly moist, and it is best to avoid allowing them to dry out too much, meaning if you are a little heavy-handed on the watering, it won't affect them too drastically, as long as the soil isn't kept boggy. They also prefer it bright and humid, so fitting for a warm bright bathroom. Though, you may find they will happily thrive in any living space as long as their needs are met. Making them the ideal addition for your burgeoning Urban Jungle.

20 Fast Growing Indoor Plants

FAQs for Fast Growing Plants

We often get asked how to encourage faster growth in your houseplant. So we’ve put together the top 5 frequently asked questions to help you make the most informed plant care speed decisions.

What Makes Houseplants Grow Faster?

No matter the houseplant, bright light and a regular feeding regime will assist in helping your houseplants grow as quickly as possible. This means providing your plants with a minimum of 8 - 10 hours of good light and feeding at least once a month during the active growth season of Spring through Summer. Consistency is key.

What Fertilizer is best for faster growth?

Nitrogen-containing fertilisers will encourage active growth. Nitrogen is one of the building blocks for plant cells and assists the plant in Photosynthesis, the energy-producing mechanism in plants. Relative to other minerals, the more Nitrogen a plant receives the more leafy growth will be produced.

It is best to look for either a well-balanced feed with a ratio of 1:1:1 or plant food made specifically for houseplants. This will help you be sure you are giving your houseplants the best of what they need.

For more information on fertilising refer to our Guide on Fertilising Houseplants.

Do Plants grow faster if you talk to them?

Plants do not have ears, so sound to them is perceived as vibrations. When it comes to studies around music or sound and how it affects the growth of plants, they’re often found to be inconclusive, as some studies have shown effects on plants with music or single tones, while others do not. Though we wouldn't rule it out if it helps you destress or relax when chatting or singing to your plants, why stop?

Can placing my plants in the direct sun make them grow faster?

The simple answer is: It depends on the Plant and what its natural environment is. Those that often grow in arid bright sunny positions in nature, such as succulents, will benefit from all-day direct sunlight, and this will possibly encourage faster growth according to its growth rate.

Whilst, we would rather recommend providing plants that are more of the Tropical variety with some soft direct early morning or late afternoon sunlight for faster growth, with bright filtered light throughout the day. Whilst plants that are left in lower light positions are undoubtedly going to grow slower as they have less access to natural light, which assists with the building plants for strong healthy growth.

Will my Plant grow faster if I put it in a bigger pot?

Your Plants may grow faster in a bigger pot, as this will allow your plant roots to have more space to stretch out and fill out, in search of nutrients, leading to a larger root system that can support more rapid growth. Though, one should be mindful of how big to go, as a plant re-potted into a pot three times larger than its original pot can lead to a multitude of other issues, such as relative overwatering. This is due to the fact that more soil means more moisture retention, leading to a slower evaporation rate and potential for root rot.

For more on when and how to re-pot houseplants read our Guide to Repotting Houseplants.

To create the ultimate green oasis, you should consider your environment and capacity for care, while feeding, providing bright light and consistent watering can make a difference in the growth of your plants. With our carefully curated list, we can help you create a flawless green paradise. Let's recap:

  1. Heart Leaf Philodendron

  2. Philodendron Brasil

  3. Natal Ivy

  4. Delicious Monster

  5. Calathea House Plants

  6. Wild Banana

  7. Spider Plant

  8. Arrowhead Plant

  9. Peace Lily 

  10. Swiss Cheese Vine

  11. Golden Pothos

  12. Hoya Carnosa

  13. Philodendron Emerald Green

  14. Kangaroo Fern

  15. Nerve Plant

  16. Split Leaf Philodendron

  17. Dainty Crassula

  18. String of Hearts

  19. Weeping Fig

  20. Broadleaf Lady Palm

    And for all the detailed plant care information check out our Plant Care Tab, where you’ll find tips for common plant symptoms and how to treat them. 

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