• Striking foliage
  • Beginner friendly
  • Air Purifying
  • Hanging plant
  • Plant Level: Super Easy care

The Spider Plant is a quirky houseplant with beautifully accented green and white foliage that resembles an elegant ribbon flowing in the wind as well as being easy to maintain. This is definitely one of the houseplants to launch you into a plantified adventure if you haven't strayed already.

Chlorophytum are popular houseplants for their ability to produce numerous arching offshoots that not only look super cute, hanging from the mother plant but can be removed and planted, providing you with multitudes of air purifiers for all-around your home or office.

These fantastic indoor plants will look subtle and elegant as a tabletop feature as well as draping off a high shelf or simple stand. Keep them in bright filtered light to preserve their lushness. They are quite versatile and can handle lower light conditions as well as artificial lighting but caution against direct sunlight as this can leave the foliage looking bleached and scorched.

Native to Southern Africa Chlorophytum have developed thick tuberous roots that store nutrients and water for the plant to absorb during times of drought making them ideal for the absent-minded plant parent. They do however prefer regular watering during the growing season and if you treat these cuties right, they will push out delicate lemon yellow blooms for you which develop into their offspring.

Please note: Spider plants are not known to be toxic to humans or pets.

Follow these instructions to keep your Spider Plant happy and healthy.

Light: Bright Indirect light. Will tolerate low and artificial lighting.
Water: Water once the soil has dried completely to prevent root rot.
Humidity: Average to medium room humidity is sufficient.
Fertilizer: Use a well balanced organic fertilizer once a month during active growth


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