About Us

We are your Indoor Plant People.

Plantify is an online nursery run by a small team of plant enthusiast based in Gardens, Cape Town. We strive to make plant ownership easy, accessible and fun, because as we all know: Plants are really really good for us! 

To help this happen, we've created 3 core service offerings: 

Online Store: We stock on-trend, care friendly indoor plants in gorgeous matching pots. Our selection changes weekly, so check in often. We've designed custom packaging, made from 100% recycled materials which allows us to courier your plants safely, anywhere in South Africa.

Plant Sourcing Service: Saw a cool plant on Instagram or frustrated that the local nursery ran out of Delicious Monsters? Drop us a line - we'd be only too happy to source the plant for you. We'll send it to you too - anywhere in South Africa!

Indoor Greening Consultancy: Whether you'd like to add a splash green to your home or would like to impress your clients at your offices - drop us a line, we'd be happy to help you think through the (almost limitless) indoor greening possibilities.